New Italian National Team Manager, Antonio Conte Undergoes Hair Transplant

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After suffering from hair loss late in his playing career, Conte decided to undergo a hair transplant when he traded the pitch for the sideline.

conte-rightAntonio Conte, current Italian National Team manager and former Juventus FC manager, knows a thing or two about success. In his time stalking the sideline in Turin, Conte won the Serie A three straight years in a row. That success on the club level made him the obvious choice to take the helm of the Gli Azzuri this summer when Cesare Prandelli stepped down after a disappointing World Cup.

Perhaps that drive and passion for winning is what led Conte to take a trip across the world to Vancouver to undergo a hair transplant, after two failed transplants by Italian doctors, in attempt to gain an upper hand on his hair loss.

Beyond his recent reputation for winning, Conte is known for his sideline style. During his time with Juventus, Conte could be seeing donning a tailored suit and tie, complete with Juventus badge patched to his jacket. Beyond the Italian tailoring, Conte is known for his shaggy hair style, which has now become apart of his signature look.

It should come as no surprise that the loss of one’s hair (whether its one’s personal ‘signature’ or not) can have a negative effect on one’s mental edge. Conte’s hair loss has been well documented over his career. Football fans can remember the midfielder entering the spotlight of Italian football with a football head and watching him grow as a player, but his hair disappear.

As Conte transitioned from player to manager, he decided to undergo a hair transplant. For awhile, it was widely speculated that Conte was a hair system wearing. As the before and after photos show, Conte went from a little to a lot in a short amount of time, so it’s easy to see why some would make such an assumption. As mentioned, he reportedly underwent two transplants in Italy before traveling to Canada for his third and final hair transplant. Now the shaggy look of his youth is back and here to stay, most likely because the length aids in concealing the transplant scars.


Conte’s end results are rare. The process of undergoing several costly hair transplants in order to get some sort of result, however, seems to be the norm. But when you make $4M a year as Conte does, then you certainly have the ways and means to fly around the world for multiple hair transplants.


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