The mystery around Joel McHale’s apparent hair transplant surgery

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Has Joel McHale undergone a hair transplant in the last few years? While the star of the hit TV shows such as The Soup (E! channel’s satire show about all things television and pop culture) and the Emmy nominated show Community will neither confirm nor deny, you know what they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

So it’s easy to see how could form a pretty strong argument that McHale did in fact have a hair transplant based off of some these “before” and after photos.

Joel McHale

When examining older photos of McHale when he first started out in the entertainment business, one of the first things you’ll notice about is hair is the receded hairline. And ‘notice’ is an understatement — you can’t miss it! Whether he had long hair or short, McHale’s receded hairline was very noticeable.

Years later, as the success as host and producer of The Soup in 2004 and then as the star of the comedy series Community in 2009, the hairline was reestablished. Gone was the receded hairline that defined his look.

Once the hair begins to go, it’s nearly impossible for it return naturally. For such an obvious “improvement” outside help is going to be needed in the form of transplant, plugs, FUE, or….SMP.

When questions were raised about the validity to the claim of McHale’s transplant, conversation and speculation abounded all over the internet (naturally). Luckily for McHale, people didn’t seem to mind or criticized. In fact, quite the opposite. McHale received a plethora of positive comments ranging to praising the way his new hairline looks to people dying to know where and who he had the transplant done with.

But McHale isn’t talking. He’s yet to reveal if he has in fact had a transplant, let alone who the doctor was who (may or may not) performed the procedure. For now, we’re all left wondering.

What do you think? Do you believe that TV star Joel McHale has had a transplant? If so, what do you think of the results?


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