Virender Sehwag and his hair transplant

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The game of cricket values self-confidence, highly. How a player looks and carries himself matters because of the far-reaching effects of the media and the youth. Virender Sehwag is one such player. He is steadily building a reputation as one of the most exciting players to watch. He has unbelievable test match runs and astounding abilities on the pitch. The Indian Team definitely has a great thing going in him.

Virender is just like any human being when he is off the pitch. He used to suffer from hair loss as well. It almost left his scalp completely bare. Sehwag however was able to regain his once thinning hair through successful hair transplant procedures. One may appreciate the look he now has compared to how he appeared before. It is very apparent that he has recovered his full head of hair.

Virender Sehwag

Being the great player that he is, his responsibilities were not limited to just playing the game alone. He has developed a good following. This has led to endorsement deals, both optional and mandatory. How he looks and feels about himself is a necessary pre-requisite toward a successful campaign. Virender is far from retirement age and has to portray the image of youth and vitality. His successful hair transplant aided him immensely in his promotions. His once receding hairline is now a distant memory.

Sehwag shares that he was able to regain his self-confidence because of the successful hair transplant. Hair from the back of his head was used to complete the procedure. He says that it is easier for him to go in front of the media now that he has regained his hair. It was priced at about six Lakhs INR, says Virender. He is so satisfied that he can actually feel his hair with his hands again.

Virender’s treatment came a year prior winning the 2011 World Cup with Team India. His condition was a common topic in India because of his youth. The hair loss he suffered at such an early age was something that was widely talked about because of a certain sadness associated with it. Men in the age bracket of Sehwag are regarded as at the peak of their vitality. Hair loss should not afflict them until they are much later in their years, if at all. It is good to know however that there is an abundance of options to treat hair loss. It is the hair transplant procedure that may be regarded as the best among all of them.

Sehwag’s road toward hair regeneration began with selecting the right surgeon. He must take your needs to heart and know the kind of results you value. Everything followed from there. They were underway as soon as some local anesthesia was applied. Slowly, Virender started to regain his hairline. It began from his widow’s peak and over to his crown swirls. His numerous media endorsements now display him as having vibrant hair and confidence. People with a similar affliction see him and are inspired to take the same action toward regaining their hair back.

Remember that the right surgeon makes all the difference. Celebrity or not, one must be careful on who to trust with the regeneration of their hair. The criteria must be based on past results instead of promises.


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