Six famous people who are dealing with hair loss

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6 celebrities

6 celebritiesHair loss can be both a distressing and scary experience; however chances are that if you are suffering you are not alone. Alopecia – the medical term for hair loss, is actually fairly common and can be caused by many different factors although it can be something many people find difficult to openly talk about.

Celebrities who have suffered from alopecia

Here are a few famous figures who have previously struggled with hair loss and have confidently decided to speak out about their condition;

  1. Jesy Nelson

The Little Mix singer may be well known for her long flowing hair now; however admitted that she suffered from stress related hair loss at the age of thirteen as she was bullied for the way she dressed. She explained that that now with a strong supportive network of friends around her, she feels stronger and better than ever.

  1. Tyra Banks

The supermodel, TV personality and multi-millionaire entrepreneur also attributed high levels of stress and pressure during writing her novel, the cause of her alopecia at one point in her career.

  1. Matt Lucas

Comedian best known for his roles in the comedy skit TV show ‘Little Britain’ and ‘Doctor Who’, has suffered from alopecia since he was six years old. Lucas lost all his hair, however found his strength in acting as a result of his different appearance.

  1. Stephanie Davis

Former actress and reality TV show star went through an emotional rollercoaster as a very public affair caused her high levels of stress. She found her long, dark, thick hair was falling out into her hands if she simply touched it.

  1. Viola Davis

Oscar nominated actress lost half her hair to stress-related alopecia aged just twenty eight. The experience eventually allowed the actress to accept herself for who she really is.

  1. Selma Blair

The actress revealed she suffered large amounts of hair loss after her son was born. Post-partum hair loss is actually common and is the result of a change in hormone levels.

What to do if you are suffering from hair loss

If you feel that you are suffering from a large amount of hair fall, make an appointment to speak with your doctor or a hair loss specialist.  We’ll be happy to offer you a free consultation at His Hair Clinic on0121 516 1767 . We can help you determine the underlying cause of your hair loss, and devise a treatment plan to prevent further hair loss.


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