Is Salman Khan still losing his hair?


The condition of androgenic alopecia or hair loss in general does not differentiate how it will affect an individual. It will be felt in a minor way at first with probably some itching of the scalp, followed by some dandruff. Then there would be strands of hair shedding at a faster rate than usual. A person would then start to notice a slight recession at the temporal areas of the scalp, followed by the thinning of the frontal central region just above the forehead. The balding would be further evidenced by a slight exposure of the central vertex region gradually getting larger as the alopecia progresses. What will be left will be the top of the scalp totally exposed with the lower sides and back of the head being the only areas that have hair.

This is what any man could potentially face as his hair loss moves from each phase of its progression. It will not spare anyone, not even a celebrity as famous as Salman Khan. It is well documented that he had a hair transplant, but is his hair loss still progressing?


Almost everyone knows who Salman is, especially those that follow Bollywood movies. He is the most widely successful Indian celebrity today. Khan is also the richest, according to Forbes magazine. This is well deserved as he has been in the entertainment industry since the late eighties appearing in top grossing films such as Saajan and Judwaa. There are about eight films that earned over fifteen million dollars each that he has appeared in. Salman has been regularly nominated for an acting award winning two throughout his entire career. His fame and earning capacity is undisputed, which is why there is so much interest in almost everything that he does.

A topic that has always been one of great concern is that of his hair. Mr. Khan was observed to be balding since 2002 with what appeared to be a bout of male pattern baldness. His condition was noticeable in the temporal regions, already receding significantly while his frontal central area was following suit. The rest of his hair was still dense however and he was able to successfully receive treatment.

There have been fresh talks that his hair might yet again be in peril. Being in the public eye has definitely made Salman a prime target of these intrigues. He is also in an industry that places a large premium on looks. Leading men such as Khan always need to exude an air of charisma and vitality. The health and density of his hair plays a huge role toward fulfilling this necessity.

He was recently spotted wearing his hair in a spiky style. It used to slicked-back and long. Observing these recent photos however, do not indicate that he has lost an amount of hair to a significant degree. He still has a full head of hair though with the temporal regions still exhibiting some recession to a certain extent. Salman can of course, easily benefit from among the best in the hair and make-up industry. His wealth would provide him with more options and greater access to new and up-to-date procedures to prolong the life of his hair follicles.

Salman Khan is now forty-eight years old and a prime candidate for a noticeable case of male pattern baldness. Its physical manifestations are yet to be fully seen on a consistent basis. Khan has definitely been receiving consistent treatment to try to address his condition. This does not mean however, that he is not losing hair more than he is naturally growing it. Only time will tell when his scalp will eventually give way. This predicament as certain as it may be, might very well happen much later than sooner.


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