Sex, Drugs, and….Hair Transplants???


Has Rock Star Adam Levine Undergone a Hair Transplant?

Not too long ago the internet was a-buzz about Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine when photos surfaced showing Levine to have a receding hairline. Life must be rough for the famous musician, one he gets his acne under control [youtube link] he now has to worry about hair loss.

Immediately, people began scouring the internet looking for pictures, some looking to defend the heartthrob band leader while others looking to confirm that he’s really beginning to go bald. What people found and put together was a photo timeline of Levin’s hair styles and hairline. All this sparked the question: has Adam Levine had a hair transplant?


Levine CAs you can see from some of these photos taken early in Levine’s career, there certainly appears to be a sparse spot just off-center of his hairline, plus a bit of receding. This sort of crooked or uneven hairline is actually pretty common.

But then a few years later, we have this photo (right).

The sparse spot is gone and the hair does appear to be thicker and fuller, especially along the hairline. But is that enough to confirm suspicions of a possible hair transplant?

The question has never been addressed directly. Is it possible that a longer hair style and/or some sort of filling agent, a product such as Toppik perhaps, be able to creating a fuller looking head of hair and also camouflage the sparse spot?

It is possible and not out of the realm of possibility — especially if it’s just for the evening for a red carpet event.

But in our humble opinion, we don’t think so. At least not yet, anyways. What does appear to be clear is that when Levine keeps his hair short, he exposes the recede hair line and his male pattern baldness.

For now it looks like Levine gets away with covering up his receded look by keep the hair a little longer.


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