Did David Beckham have a secret hair transplant?


Football is the most recognised sport in the world, even surpassing basketball in most countries. Children, men and women of all ages enjoy watching this sport. The FIFA World Cup alone is a testament to the public’s insatiable demand for more. Different nations compete every four years to win the most coveted trophy and the distinction of being the best in the world. Their countrymen as well as avid fans around the globe cheer football heroes on. One of the most recognisable faces in this sport today would have to be David Beckham.

He has definitely come a long way since his childhood days. There was a time he shared that his teacher once asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Beckham instantly replied, “A football player.” From this humble boyhood dream, he slowly progressed to becoming not only a football player but also a superstar of the sport. He has won numerous personal accolades as well as team championships. Not only that. He has also been able to receive big endorsement deals that have catapulted him to become one of the most followed male fashion icons of his generation.


His large presence in the media could definitely be attributed to his extensive football skills on the pitch. The reason why he continues to draw a constant stream of attention however might not all be confined to his athletic abilities. This could also be connected to his hairstyle preferences. David has had a lot of them throughout the years and they seem to captivate the curiosity of his many fans. They have ranged from a mullet, pony tailed, cropped cut, bedhead and faux hawk look that he made famous.

The media as well as his fans have always talked about the density of Beckham’s hair, or maybe the perceived lack of it. This might seem to be a topic that is of great interest because of the importance that David places upon his hair. It also has gained a lot of traction because there are people that constantly mimic him every time he switches from one style to the next. His hair is unbelievably as famous as his football skills. It quickly loses steam however, when the basis for such a conjecture cannot be found.

There are certain individuals who claim that Beckham has had a hair transplant. While they could make comparisons of pictures of the football star from past to present, there is not one that would consistently display a receding hairline. This is the most telling component of male pattern baldness. If there is no extensive balding, then what is the necessity of a hair transplant? Also, a hair transplant whether it be a follicular unit transplantation method or through a follicular unit extraction method, will give way to shedding hair a month or so after it has been performed. New hair will only become evident after three months and would take another set of three months for it to grow. With the amount of exposure Mr. Beckham gets in the media, such an event is sure to be documented. None however, presently exists.

It seems that there is no secret transplant to have taken place. David Beckham is just too visible for it to happen. What is more, he constantly changes his hairstyles. The recovery period as well as the lack of hair density that one experiences after a hair transplant will not allow it. If he did manage to pull off a hair transplant for some reason, then this would truly be a spectacular feat in the anti hair loss industry that would match his prowess in the sport of football. This is highly unlikely however, and it would be safe to conclude that David Beckham’s hair is as true as his passion for football.


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