Is Meghan helping Harry keep his hair?

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harry hair loss omega 3

harry hair loss omega 3The press are naturally full of stories about the next Royal wedding announced at the end of November.  It’s not really a surprise to anyone though as there’s been speculation for months that Harry was about to pop the question at any time to Meghan Markle.

Meghan doesn’t fit the mould

Markle certainly breaks the mould for Royal wives as an American divorcee actress of mixed race who from an early age has engaged in philanthropy and civil rights movements.  Her healthy lifestyle choices including diet and yoga may also be helping Harry to retain his hair for longer than his brother William, who Harry once joked was, “already bald aged 12”.

After the couple had spent a romantic holiday in the Norwegian fjords Harry started to have super strength omega 3 supplements delivered to Kensington Palace which led to speculation that he was taking the pills to try to stem hair loss.

Harry’s hair loss is inevitable

Already showing signs of thinning there is probably an inevitability that Harry will follow the same path as his grandfather, father and brother and continue to lose his hair. After all, male pattern baldness affects half the male population by the time they hit 50.

Whilst the omega 3 supplement certainly won’t harm Harry’s hair it’s also not really likely to do much to counteract male pattern baldness though.  Vitamin deficiency can be a cause of hair loss but Harry’s problem is really down to genetics.  There are options for him though.  Clinically proven drugs like finasteride and minoxidil will stem hair loss in many cases although they only work as long as they are being taken.

Other options for the Prince could be a hair transplant or even scalp micropigmentation which is becoming increasingly popular among many men as it can give the impression of volume to thinning hair.  Whatever Harry chooses to do we wish him and Meghan all happiness for the future.


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