Is Harry losing it?

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Prince Harry

Prince HarryWhen it comes to royal hair loss, Prince William is usually the one hitting the headlines. However, now it seems attention has turned to his younger brother, Prince Harry.

A medical expert has supposedly warned Harry that if he doesn’t act now, he’ll end up balding like his brother William. So, is Harry really losing his hair and what could he do to stop his balding locks in their tracks?

New pictures reveal tell-tale signs of balding

The warning to Harry comes after recent pictures revealed the prince is starting to develop a noticeable bald patch on the crown of the head. He also appears to be developing noticeable gaps around the front of the hairline.

The expert claims if Harry doesn’t act now, he’ll lose the majority of his hair, just like Wills, within 10 years. Now that he’s engaged to the beautiful American actress Meghan Markle, it’s likely the prince will be more focused on hanging onto his full head of hair for as long as possible.

Harry’s ever-increasing baldness does appear to be genetic. He’s definitely following in the footsteps of his father and older brother. So, is it possible to slow down and prevent genetic male pattern baldness?

What options does Harry have to cling onto his locks?

While genetic male pattern baldness cannot be prevented, there are ways to slow it down. There’s also treatment options to cover up the problem such as a hair transplant or SMP.

Hair transplants are a common solution for celebrity males. Wayne Rooney was the first to start the trend, but there have been many famous men who have gone on to have the procedure.

If a hair transplant doesn’t appeal to you, SMP could be a cheaper and easier alternative. It can be used to cover up the signs of balding, making the hair appear thicker than it really is. It’s a long-lasting, affordable solution and as it’s non-invasive, it could be the best option for the majority of men seeking an effective cover-up solution.


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