Hair Loss – dealing with confidence issues

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hair loss

hair lossAlthough some men are able to accept and finally embrace hair loss, few will openly admit the amount of misery and loss in self-confidence it causes them. There is a sense that a thick head of hair indicates masculinity and even sexual appeal, an idea that is further encouraged by the billion dollar hair loss industry.

Jonathan Long, a thirty four year old hair dresser from London found himself losing a majority of his hair by the time he reached his mid-twenties. Long was afraid that the male pattern baldness that he had inherited from his father would mean that he would be entirely bald from an early age, so much so that he began to turn into an angry, highly self-conscious introvert.

A ten year battle

After ten years of battling with hair loss and trying every product and method which was commercially available to him at the time, Long turned to a hair loss clinic for a permanent solution. Spending ten thousand pounds on a hair transplant and waiting more than one year for some visible results, Long is finally satisfied with his appearance and feels that his self-confidence is now restored. For his wife, Sophie Long, the ten thousand that he spent was worth every penny just so that she could get back the happy and confident man that she had married twelve years ago.

Is there a cheaper hair loss alternative?

Although hair loss transplants do offer men the chance to restore their youthful looks and a thick head of hair, they can be extremely expensive. Foreign hair loss clinics do offer cheaper hair transplant options, however if the procedure is done incorrectly or by an inexperienced surgeon, there is a high risk of the results being unnatural and an already self-conscious patient feeling devastated.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a much cheaper hair loss solution which is ideal for men who can embrace the clean cut look. The procedure is simple and involves a specialist technician depositing pigments onto the upper dermis of the scalp, so that the pigments resemble a freshly shaved head. The results are permanent and appear completely natural with virtually zero maintenance.


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