Has the beard trend finally come to an end?

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beard transplantCould the beard trend finally be coming to an end? According to new research it’s definitely looking that way and star Gary Lineker could be the reason behind it. OK, so Lineker probably isn’t the one that’s caused such a significant shift in the facial hair trend, but his dire attempt at sporting facial hair will certainly have put a few people off trying to grow their own.

What the survey revealed

There were 2000 men who took part in the recent survey to uncover attitudes towards facial hair. While beards still appear reasonably popular, the results of the survey suggest the tide is quickly changing.

Out of the respondents, a quarter claimed they would be starting the New Year with a fresh, clean shaven look. This was closely followed by men claiming they preferred to carry off stubble, rather than a full beard.

This could of course, be partially down to the fact that many men find it difficult to actually grow a full beard. Therefore, they either opt for a freshly shaven look, or they leave the little stubble they are able to grow.  This means the beard trend may not be coming to an end, it could just be many men struggle to grow one.

Your facial hair options

Not every man can grow a thick beard, but there are treatments out there which can help. Beard transplants have become especially popular. They may be expensive, but they are effective. They can also help you to achieve the exact look you’re hoping for.

Another option for those who either want to make their thin beard appear more volumized, or achieve a stubble effect, would be SMP. This treatment, more commonly used on the scalp is long-lasting and it’s a lot cheaper than a transplant. It also produces really realistic results.

Overall, it’s unlikely the beard trend is coming to an end, but obviously only time will tell. In the meantime, men looking to achieve perfect facial hair can either opt for a beard transplant or SMP.


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