Has Trump had scalp reduction ?

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TrumpDonald Trump hit international headlines again today after a keen eyed photographer snapped what looked like a large bald patch as his hair was blown up entering Air Force One.  It’s only a few weeks that the newly published Fire and Fury: inside Trump’s White House disclosed that the President had alledgedly had scalp reduction surgery in order to preserve his thinning hair.

What is scalp reduction surgery?

Scalp reduction surgery is a procedure in which bald parts of the scalp are removed from the crown of the head. The scalp is then stitched back together from the areas of the skin which are filled with hair. Although the surgery would work in theory, the American Hair Loss Association says that the procedure should be avoided as it is barbaric and disfiguring.

Another expert suggests that perhaps Trump has not had the scalp reduction surgery as written in the book but another procedure altogether – a rotational flap (also known as a Juri flap). This is when the hair on the side of the scalp is rotated towards the central hairline. Although hair does appear denser with this procedure, the hair grows in an entirely unnatural direction. Some patients choose to then wear hair extension or hair replacement systems. A rotational flap procedure would explain the famous unnatural direction and pattern of Trump’s hair.

Reliable hair loss solutions

Thankfully, there are more sensible hair loss solutions available to patients of male pattern baldness. Hair transplants work by moving hair from a donor site to fill in balding areas hair on the head. Medications are also available and can slow down male pattern baldness by reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Even a simple Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) procedure can be a quick solution to hair loss by giving the appearance of hair follicles on a freshly shaved head.

To learn more about further hair loss solutions and which could be right for you, speak to a doctor or call us on +44(0)845 604 4618 to speak in confidence to one of friendly experts.


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