How to grow and style a beard

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beard transplant

beard transplantAre you struggling to grow and style your beard? Part of the problem could be your hygiene routine.

In order for a beard to grow strong and healthy, the skin underneath needs to be taken care of. Here, you’ll discover how the right skincare routine can help your beard to flourish.

Why hygiene matters

Growing a beard isn’t as simple as you might think. There’s a lot of challenges you can potentially face, including ingrowing hairs, limited growth and difficulty styling it. A lot of these challenges can be eliminated by looking after the skin.

Those with healthy beards tend to use a variety of speciality products. As well as a good skincare routine, beard washes and oils can prove invaluable. The 2018 trend is all about well-groomed, impeccable beards so if you aren’t currently paying much attention to the skin underneath, now is definitely the time to start doing so.

You’ll need a daily moisturiser with a good SPF, along with a high-quality night cream. Then, you’ll want to use a good quality beard oil and comb it through with a specialist beard comb. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

Still struggling to grow a beard?

Of course, the right skincare routine can only do so much. It’s worth keeping in mind that not all men are capable of growing beards. Even growing a little stubble can be challenging. That’s where treatments such as a beard transplant can come in really useful.

In recent years, beard transplants have become increasingly popular. Helping to create an instant beard, they work much in the same way as hair transplants. They’re not cheap, but they are effective and for many men, prove to be the only way they can achieve facial hair.

If you’re struggling to grow a beard, why not book a consultation to see how a beard transplant could help?


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