Why you can’t grow a beard and what you can do about it

Beard Transplant
beard transplant

beard transplantThick beards have been a sign of masculinity, virility and wisdom for as long as we can remember in almost every culture. Perhaps this is because a beard can accentuate the jawline and present a more formidable appearance which can signify strength and ruggedness. Beards are often seen coming in and out of style, and right now the beard trend is still very much “in”.

Unfortunately though, some men are unable to grow thick beards no matter how much they try. Beards are actually produced by the chemical dihydrotestosterone – a hormone which is synthesised from the testosterone, responsible for male development and male sexual characteristics. A man’s ability to grow a thick beard is all dictated by the way in which his body reacts to testosterone.

Although all men generally have the same amount of the hormone in their body, men who can grow thicker, denser beards are more sensitive to testosterone. In other words- it’s all down to genetics. There is nothing that you can actually do about it to change the way your beard grows and there is nothing medically wrong with you either.

Beard Transplants

If you’re still not content and dream of growing a thicker beard, you can consider a beard transplant. A beard transplant is very similar to a usual hair transplant, where hair follicles are implanted into bald patches and sparse areas of facial hair. It is a fairly straightforward procedure which requires minimal downtime and can work wonders for thickening up your beard, moustache and sideburns.

The procedure is quite expensive; however results are permanent and when done by an experienced well-reputed surgeon, appear completely natural. In fact, you can actually begin to shave just two weeks after the procedure as hair begins to grow immediately.

If you would like to know more about beard transplants, speak to a hair loss expert for more information.


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