Geordie Shore’s Kyle has a beard transplant

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Geordie Shore's Kyle has a beard transplant

Geordie Shore's Kyle has a beard transplantKyle Christie, reality star of the Geordie Shore TV show has admitted that he recently has had a beard transplant. Pleased with the results of the twelve hour procedure, Christie has said he always felt insecure about his patchy beard until now.

The beard transplant did set him back by £10,000 but now Christie will permanently have a perfect and thick beard for life. His surgeon specially designed the beard for the 24 year old and said that his client opted for the transplant as he had self-esteem and confidence issues. In fact, Christie has undergone a hair transplant before, so he must have been familiar with the ins and outs of hair transplant surgeries.

His specific procedure was designed to fill out thin patches in his beard, up to two thousand hair follicles were grafted from his neck onto his cheeks, chin and moustache area to create a much thicker, healthier looking beard.

How does a beard transplant work

According to latest research, beard transplants have trebled in the last two years alone. This surgery can work magic by making facial hair much denser and thicker in appearance and is a fairly easy, straightforward process.

These hair transplants are not just beard-specific as the name suggests, in fact men choose the procedure to shape and thicken sideburns and moustaches as well. Patients should be aware that transplanted hairs fall out after a few days and then begin regrowth as part of a regular hair growth pattern. Recovery time is minimal; some patients are able to shave just two weeks after the procedure.

Choosing a beard shape

Similarly to how different hairstyles work well on different faces, beard shapes also impact the overall look of someone’s face, fortunately beard transplant allow patients to customise their results. Patients are encouraged to bring in photos of their ideal facial hair shape, so that the surgeon can closely replicate the desired results. Otherwise, experienced surgeons will work with their patients to find a shape which enhances the patient’s facial features and profile.


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