Gary Barlow says he dyed his hair because it’s falling out

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Gary Barlow dyed hair because of hair loss

Gary Barlow’s in the news againGary Barlow dyed hair because of hair loss and this time it’s because he’s dyed his hair platinum blonde in advance of the new Take That Tour. So, what’s the reason for reaching for the bleach? Well apparently his hair is thinning and he sees this as a last fling before it falls out. His wife probably hit the nail on the head when she told the 46 year old that he was having a mid-life crisis.

Dyeing hair can accelerate hair loss

Unfortunately dyeing his hair is only likely to accelerate the hair loss and he might have been better looking at some of the treatments that are available to halt the condition.

Transplants are becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities, many of whom proudly talk about the work they’ve had done. Certainly, success rates have never been higher and with great advances in techniques and the technology recovery time is minimal. Also, Gary’s probably got deep enough pockets to cover the £15000+ costs of the procedure.

If Gary doesn’t fancy the idea of what is still invasive surgery to sort his locks out then there are other options. He could investigate the various medicines and compounds such as finasteride, which have been proven in clinical trials to stop hair loss although they can come with unwelcome side effects including impotence is some men.

Is it time to adopt the bad boy look Gary?

The other option for Gary is to take a razor to the whole lot and plump for some scalp micropigmentation, better known in the trade as SMP. The procedure, carried out over 2-3 sessions creates a highly realistic illusion of a short layered crew cut. It could be just the change of image from boy next door to bad boy that will help him get over the hump of his mid-life crisis.


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