Ex Chicago Bear sues hair transplant company over false claims

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Ex-Chicago Bear sues hair transplant company

Ex-Chicago Bear sues hair transplant companyFamous ex-Chicago Bear player, Brian Urlacher, is suing a hair restoration clinic for falsely using his name and image to promote its treatment.

The retired linebacker, claims the Florida based clinic used his image and name without consent and has now filed a lawsuit for the total of $200k.

Company used famous star to falsely advertise and profit from his name

Urlacher filed the lawsuit after discovering the Charles Media Group had used his image, as well as embedded his last name into their source code a minimum of 12 times. The goal was to make it look like they were the company Urlacher had endorsed, when in fact he never did.

It appears the star did in fact have his treatment at the clinic, but he never agreed to endorse them. By using and profiting from his name without permission, it understandably angered the ex-Chicago Bears star. However, some members of the public have criticised the star for over reacting. They claim he had the treatment and should have no issue with the clinic using his experience as an example of results.

Can you trust hair transplant clinics?

Reading Urlacher’s story makes you wonder just how much you can trust hair transplant clinics. The truth is, the majority of clinics are trustworthy, experienced and reliable. Very few would risk damaging their name by falsifying celebrity endorsements.

However, there are sadly, many clinics out there which aren’t as great as they claim to be. That’s why it’s so important to be careful when choosing a hair restoration clinic.

Look for a clinic that has an outstanding reputation and has been operating for years. Check out online reviews and be wary of celebrity endorsements unless they are coming from the celebrities themselves.

Overall, hair transplants can be a fantastic solution, but they are fairly expensive. SMP is a much cheaper alternative, but it is important to have the cause of your hair loss identified before seeking treatment.


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