Are Elton John’s hair loss days behind him now?


Androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness, is one of the most common hair loss conditions among men. It will affect up to seventy percent of males throughout their lifetime with symptoms beginning to manifest most commonly around their late twenties to early thirties. This type of baldness follows certain a progression of hair loss. Initial signs begin at the frontal temporal regions. It will slowly advance toward the back of the head creating an M-shaped pattern over a period of time. There will also be balding exhibited from the frontal central hairline. It will be followed by hair loss beginning at the center of the vertex region that will advance in a circular fashion. All these symptoms will result in the top of the scalp being completely exposed. A horseshoe type hair pattern will be all that remains, evidenced by hair at the lower sides and back of the head.

Elton John

This is the type of hair loss that will generally be exhibited by almost all instances of androgenic alopecia. It will not exempt anyone that is affected. There are of course ways to impede its onset through a variety of treatments available. How a man can benefit from them will depend on how their body reacts to the treatment and their financial capacity to support it.

Elton John is such a person that has gone through male pattern baldness. Neither his talent nor celebrity status has made him exempt from androgenic alopecia. He has definitely exhibited its initial symptoms and his high visibility throughout the years has inadvertently made the public a witness to his condition.

His singing career began in 1964 and has endured throughout the years. Now at sixty-seven, he can be said to be one of the most successful recording artists ever to take the stage. He is a multi-awarded entertainer that has garnered awards not only in music but in theatre and the movies as well. This has catapulted him to worldwide fame. It has also allowed the media to document his hair loss that began in the early seventies. He must have been in his late twenties back then. What was evident in the photographs from that time was an aggressive onset of male pattern baldness. There was already a recession in his temporal regions and the frontal central area of his scalp was already thinning. He was definitely on his way to having the top of his scalp totally devoid of hair. Observing his hairline in the present day however, it is quite obvious that he has undergone treatment for his hair loss.

Elton John has definitely benefitted from a remedy of good quality. His thinning hairline is now but a distant memory. The hair on the top of his scalp is thick and looks quite healthy. There are no thinning areas around his well-groomed hairstyle. The temporal regions might still be a bit high however, though his hairline is definitely denser than most men his age. His treatment might last as long as he continues to maintain it if he is vigilant in keeping up with the inevitable loss of his existing hair strands.

Male pattern baldness is a gradual and progressive condition that has yet to have a cure. Existing products and medication may delay its effects. It has been proven to work though some have corresponding side effects. There are also services that offer more advanced remedies to increase hair density or camouflage baldness. These are all effective depending on the degree of its onset because some remedies are more applicable at certain stages of androgenic alopecia.

Elton John may have his hair loss days behind him for now. This is only because he remains on top of the situation. He must be well aware however, that the moment he stops maintaining his male pattern baldness will be the day that it will begin to overtake him.


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