Celebrity Highlights Confusion Around Women’s Hair Loss

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Stephanie Davis, soap star and memorable Celebrity Brother contestant, has spoken out about her hair loss experience and demonstrated just how complex an issue it can be.


Hair Loss For Women


Women’s hair loss is a quiet scourge, rarely discussed it affects 50% of all women at some stage of their lives. A significant minority will suffer at a much earlier age with a third of all women experiencing some hair loss while still in their thirties. Women describe losing their hair as the body issue that would make them feel the least attractive to men, which is possibly why they are more than twice as likely as their male counterparts to seek medical advice, though even with a great specialist the most optimistic client should only hope that their situation shows no further deterioration. There are some conditions which trigger hair loss that are entirely treatable and where the prognosis is for a return to a full head of hair, for most however the story will be one of holding on to what you have.

What Is The Root Of Stephanie’s Problem?

stress causes hair loss

For those of you who do not know her, Stephanie Davis came to fame on the UK soap Hollyoaks – well known for handsome lads and lasses it was a high drama, fast-paced soap set in the North of England among a young set trying to enjoy life, and failing miserably. On leaving the soap Stephanie entered the endurance reality show Celebrity Big Brother, dumping the boyfriend while on the show and hooking up with Irish model Jeremy McConnell. The two shared a brief but turbulent relationship after the show but have since split up leaving Stephanie pregnant with his baby. At least she says it is his baby, Jeremy has asked for DNA tests after a picture emerged of Stephanie in bed with another man… don’t worry, this blog hasn’t suddenly turned into a tabloid. These facts are all mentioned for a reason.

Stephanie, like over 50% of women, discovered her hair loss and went straight to see a doctor. She said her hair suddenly became so brittle she was scared to touch it. She was diagnosed with hair loss bought on by stress, which given her lifestyle was a pretty safe diagnosis. But it was a diagnosis that ignored a few other glaring possibilities. One common cause of hair loss is the modern fad for weaves, pieces of hair that attach to existing hair – these pull on the existing hair and can damage the follicles so that they are triggered into a resting phase. Caught early enough simple cessation is enough to see a full recovery, though long term abuse can cause permanent damage. The other striking thing about Stephanie’s hair at the time was that it was bleached white… you don’t have to be a dermatologist to know that this is an assault on the hair and scalp that should be carefully considered. The repeated cyclical use of harsh chemicals on the hair is unwise. There is also a recognised link between pregnancy and hair loss which may have been Stephanie’s underlying problem.

What Stephanie Should Do Next…


Sudden hair loss can be a canary in the coalmine, providing an early warning sign that you have a stress issue. The terrifying range of other potential symptoms mean you should take notice and we are glad to see Stephanie has done . Of all the possible triggers for her hair loss stress is by far the most serious and the one that should be addressed first. That does not mean that Stephanie should not throw away her hair dyes, put down the booze (being pregnant she probably has), do not wear weaves or put her hair into styles that strains it, eat healthily… and maybe stop taking Jeremy’s calls, if he still calls. Seems their communications are mostly done through public tweets… so possibly staying off social media for a while could help.

HIS Hair Clinic


Ranbir Rai-Watson, co-inventor of SMP and founder of HIS, has been on her own hair loss journey. She was one of the lucky ones where a full return was achieved but the experience saw her, over time, become a recognised expert in the field of women’s hair loss. The range of solutions and treatments can feel bewildering at times, HIS experts are available to make a careful assessment of your situation and recommend a bespoke, considered course of action. Find your nearest clinic and book your free appointment by clicking here



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