Correction: Kiera Knightley ISN’T Losing Her Hair

Keira Knightley isn't suffering from hair loss

Keira Knightley isn't suffering from hair lossAfter her recent revelation that the secret to her healthy looking hair is a good wig, Kiera Knightley has been shocked to learn people now believe she is losing her hair. It was an interview she gave to InStyle UK which caused controversy.

However, it seems the interview was taken completely out of context and the star ISN’T losing her hair after all.

Why the confusion?

The problem arose when Knightley confessed to wearing wigs to avoid damaging her hair. She spoke about how many times she’s dyed and bleached her hair over the years for different roles – a common problem for actresses today.

However, what she actually meant was she wore wigs on-set, not in everyday life. News quickly began spreading about the actresses “battle with female pattern baldness”. She was even starting to receive packages from hair loss companies with products that would help combat the issue.

After discovering the world now thought she was going bald, the actress cleared up the confusion, reiterating that she uses the wigs to protect her hair for the roles she plays.

Are wigs a good solution?

While she may not may suffering from hair loss after all, the issue has helped to highlight the ways it could be combatted.

On the whole, wigs aren’t generally the best solution for hair loss. They can be fantastic at helping to prevent damage if you like to frequently change your look. However, in terms of actual hair loss treatments, you’d be better off choosing a solution such as SMP.

Scalp micropigmentation is commonly used to cover up female pattern baldness. Successfully disguising bald patches, it can really boost self-esteem and provides a long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

So, to confirm – Knightley isn’t going bald. However, she has unknowingly helped to raise awareness of the issue and provided a good solution to those looking to avoid damaging their hair by bleaching and dying it – choose a wig instead!


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