Beckham And The Star’s Hair Loss: The Saga Continues


Discussion continues with regards to David Beckham’s hair loss. The national treasure and football megastar has had attention drawn towards his hair loss. Always in spotlight, whether it be for his skills on the pitch, his keen sense of fashion, or his every expanding brand, it’s clear to see that man as famous for various hairstyles as he is for football is beginning to the lose the hair.
We first reported about the hair loss last year here [here]. Similar to LeBron James [link] it’s easy to see why a man of Beckham’s stature would begin to lose his hair. The constant traveling and stress that comes from living in the spotlight could easily contribute to some premature male pattern baldness. Recenlty, Beckham (who will be 40 this May) has transitioned from the pitch to the board room, focus on life after football. Presently, Bekcham is apart of an ownership group for Miami based MLS expansion team and has launched a brand of whiskey (a new take on an old classic), just to name a few of the business ventures he’s got going on. In an interview with GQ UK, Beckham has mentioned that he’s trying to make the transition from player to business man as smoothly as possible, which as we can imagine, may not be the easiest of transitions.
Of course, genetics plays a role as well and from the looks of things, Beckham’s father suffered from a bit of hair loss as well. Beckham has previously stated that he does have concerns with going bald because of his father’s hair loss.
To recap, stress can be one of the leading reasons for male pattern baldness. The condition is called telogen effluvium, which is when stress shocks the growth of the hair follicle, causing the hair to go into a premature resting phase. When this happens, up to 70% of the one’s hair can fall out over the period of two months according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.
But now rumors are going that Beckham may have a had a hair transplant after photos surfaced showing a significant amount of hair lost in the back of Beckham’s scalp. Recently, no such spot seems to be found. Could a hair transplant have made a significant improvement on that spot? Would Beckham decide to under-go such a procedure for such a small area.
It would seem unlikely. It’s highly doubtful that Beckham would be able to under-go a hair transplant that news not making the it’s rounds around the internet.
In an interview wit the Daily Star, Beckham said that while he fears going bald like his father, he dismissed the possibility of going the hair transplant route. “Someone said I’d had a hair transplant. There is definitely nothing wrong with doing that but I don’t think personally I would.” said Beckham. He went on to say that when he does begin to go bald, he’ll just shave it all off.
And when that day comes, HIS Hair will be there should he decided to pursue the most reliable alternative hair loss solution.


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