Has a Hair Transplant Boosted Steve Carell’s Career?


While it’s not officially confirmed (it’s rare that celebrities ever confirm their cosmetic procedures), it’s widely speculated and accepted that Steve Carelll has undergone some sort of hair transplant procedure. Photos from earlier in his career show a noticeable amount of hair loss. As the success of the American version of the popular TV show The Office began to grow, so did Carell’s hair.
The difference between the amount of hair, specifically the thickness of hair along the hairline between season one and the following seasons is undeniable. It’s easy to assume that Carell has done something — whether it be a hair transplant to rebuild the density along the hairline or even something as simple as hair concealer that may be applied (and reapplied) while filming and for major red carpet events.
But whatever the case may be, it’s fairly obvious that something has been done — and whatever that is, it appears to be working.
Like previously mentioned, season one sported a very thin looking hairline for ‘Michael Scott’, but in the seasons to follow, things improved for the world’s greatest boss. Ratings spiked, the show become an American hit, and Carell was a comedic sensation. Not bad for a guy who started out as mail carrier and a guy who lost a spot on SNL’s roster to Will Ferrell. (Actually, there’s no shame whatsoever losing a role on SNL to the legendary funny man.)
Carell would parlay his television success in for a success on the silver screen, transitioning from TV to movies. Films like 40-Year-Old Virgin, Get Smart, Date Night, the Despicable Me series, and Crazy, Stupid, Love proved that Carell could both share the big screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and also carry the weight of being a lead actor.
But it wasn’t until indie drama favorite Little Miss Sunshine that Carell showed his range as actor playing the role of the Frank, the gay brother along of the ride after a failed suicide attempt. Talk about a heavy role for a guy used to comedy and silly roles (anybody remember Brick from Anchorman, the character who loves lamp and who killed a guy…with a trident?).
The role earned Carell a Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture by a Cast.
This year, Carell is up for every major acting award under the sun for his performance as the millionaire paranoid schizophrenic wrestling enthusiast John E. du Pont in Foxcatcher. This is being dubbed the best performance of Carell’s career and it’s easy to see why he’s been nominated for best actor in the Golden Globes, Oscars, and BAFTAs.
While Carell has never said that his hair has played any sort of role in his confidence (which is understandable since he’s never officially stated he’s had any sort of procedure done), but we hear every day from clients who talk about the resurgence they experience from undergoing SMP treatments with HIS Hair. Having the appearance of a full, thick head of hair gives our clients that added confidence needed to get the dream job, get the girl, and, in some cases, their life back.
Carell may just be hitting his stride as an actor, no outside help needed, but we can’t help but think that perhaps the improved look may in some small way have something to do with all the recent success.


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