Celebrities who have had scalp micropigmentation

Benedict Garrett in the Dreamboys

The solutions for hair loss have come a long way since the rudimentary method of donning a hat to conceal this condition. People continue to innovate the current remedies into new and exciting ways to treat hair loss. Naturally there are times when they do not live up to expectations. There are those bright moments however when they do. These are the ones that ultimately make a big difference toward helping people with their hair loss.
Benedict Garrett in the Dreamboys
Perhaps the most reliable and efficient anti hair loss remedy today is the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment. It is a revolutionary way to address balding and is effective for almost all the variations that potentially beset a person’s scalp. The main objective of an SMP treatment is to camouflage hair loss by mimicking the appearance of hair itself. It is arranged in a certain way to make it look so natural that it is unrecognisable even upon closer inspection.
The liberating thing about an SMP treatment is that there is no actual hair present. For a “just-shaved” style, it requires existing hair to be shaved off in order to maximize the effects of an SMP. It releases the individual from worrying about the arrangement of his hair or any bald areas. The bare scalp only contains carefully placed pigments creating a semblance of a full head of hair. This gives an SMP patient the freedom to confidently go out in public knowing that their condition is concealed by one of the most reliable methods currently available.
This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to have their hair loss condition treated with SMP. It dispenses with the laborious maintenance rituals as well as potentially harmful side effects. All it requires is daily cleansing and moisturizing of the scalp as well as the occasional trim to ensure that there is no existing hair growing out of place.
Celebrities have been at the forefront of this ingenious way to treat hair loss. Adee Phelan is a celebrity hairstylist that received his treatment in 2012. He is himself an owner of hair salons all over the United Kingdom. Daniel Johnson is another notable hairstylist that has had SMP. He is the person responsible for grooming the scalps of numerous football teams including the England national squad and the Manchester United team. He even travels with them around the globe ensuring that they look their absolute best. If Daniel J. does this for so many athletes then it only follows that somebody does the same for him. An SMP treatment is definitely the way to accomplish that.
Quinton Fortune is a football player that has had scalp micropigmentation. He absolutely loves the way it was done. He looks younger and has received a lot of compliments about it. It is so natural looking that it has been mistaken for his real hair countless of times. Louis Rankin on the other hand is another football player with SMP. He was an NFL star running back that swears by the many advantages of his treatment. Like the way he dodges defenders while playing the game, he was able to elude hair loss by having an SMP treatment performed upon his scalp.
Benedict Garrett is another celebrity most people might not be aware is undergoing hair loss. He was a schoolteacher who earned notoriety upon being discovered that he was performing as a stripper at the same time. This he admitted while appearing on the widely popular Big Brother television show. Ever the entertainer, he continues his career with the Dreamboys while donning his new ‘hairstyle’.
These are just a few of the well-known celebrities that have received treatment. They have been able to continue with their careers as well as maintain their hairline. Getting SMP is definitely one of the best methods to remedy a balding condition for any person experiencing hair loss.


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