If you haven’t noticed, film and tv star Michael K. Williams has a scar — but it’s not what you think.


A holiday trip to the movie theaters this season has some asking the age old question: has Michael K. Williams had a hair transplant?

The holidays is a great time for the movie lovers, as many of the year’s most anticipated films are released over the holiday time anticipating throngs of families and friends looking for something to do that gets them out of the house but not necessarily out in the cold.
Michael K. Williams, 48, isn’t a household name quite yet, but he is easily recognizable. Thanks to a combination of a large facial scar that was a “gift” for his 25th birthday as a result of a bar fight and a pair of powerhouse performances as Omar Little, the gay gangster, in The Wire and as Chalky White in the Prohibition Era drama Boardwalk Empire, Williams is easy one of those actors whose been around seemingly forever, but you know the best is still to come.
Williams, who has appeared in over 70 films and tv shows, returns to the silver screen this holiday season in the LA based ganster/gamber flick The Gambler starring a gaunt-looking Mark Wallberg, a whatever the opposite of looking of ‘gaunt’ is John Goodman, and, of course, Williams as a dangerous, but oddly friendly loan shark.
(Side note: there are probably few people as talented to make shaving one’s head look so bad ass as Goodman does in this movie.)
Now, we mentioned that the calling-card facial scar that Williams possess that helped jump start his career in acting, but throughout the movie it was a different scar that caught our eye.
There are only a handful of scenes where the audience gets to see the back of Williams’s scalp, but when one gets to see him from behind, there is a slight horizontal scar on the back of the scalp.
Most people wouldn’t think twice. We’re willing to bet that most of those who have saw the movie even noticed. Who would notice something like that? (We would — it’s sort of what we do.)
The scar on the back of the scalp is consistent in appearance, size, and nature of that of a hair transplant. Trying to do the homework and research on this particular “hair transplant or no transplant” case is rather difficult. Google search “Michael K. Williams hair transplant” and you get more Robbie Williams; try searching “Michael K. Williams scar” (or any variation of that) and you get results for the notorious facial scar.
But the eye-in-the-recently-remodeled-movie-theater-with-extra-cushy-reclining-seats doesn’t lie. We’re confident that what we saw what we saw, but we’ll keep our eye on the internet to get further confirmation.
Meanwhile, Omar, if you’re reading this: we can fix that for you.


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