Weird and wonderful beards at Vancouver Facial Hair Club

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Weird and wonderful beards on display at the Vancouver facial hair club

Weird and wonderful beards on display at the Vancouver facial hair clubIt’s been said that there’s not a lot to do in Canada but actually if you’ve got a beard and you live in Vancouver then there’s the perfect social outlet, the Vancouver Facial Hair Club.

Even the women have beards

Into its fifth year the Club attracts people with all kinds of facial hair, and not just men. Their annual competition also attracts women, who admittedly use fake but realistic looking beards. In the words of one participant, Rosamund Norbury, “A girl with a beard, it just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole thing,”.

Over $20,000 raised for local charities

Whilst many in the club see it as an ice breaker and a way of meeting new friends it also has an active approach to helping others, raising over $20,000 for local charities in the last three years alone.

Need a helping hand in the facial hair department?

If you’d like to emulate some of the facial hair on show at the annual beard competition, but struggle to grow a beard, why not try a facial hair transplant? Like a standard hair transplant healthy follicles are migrated from one area of the head to another, although in the case of a beard transplant the hair is implanted into the face rather than the scalp. The rate of success is high and some patients can expect to be shaving their new beard within a few weeks.

The facial hair transplant procedure is catching on rapidly with one transplant specialist in the US claiming that he’s now doing as many beard transplants in a week as he was doing in a year a decade ago. It’s clearly no longer a niche procedure and that’s probably not surprising given the number of hirsute A list celebrities from Tom Hardy to David Beckham.


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