How can I speed up beard growth?

Beard Transplant
How can I speed up beard growth?

How can I speed up beard growth?The beard trend shows no sign of abating with just about every Hollywood A Lister sporting a man size beard. It’s understandable that you might want to catch the wave and grow one yourself that even a lumberjack would be proud of.

What do you do though, if you stop shaving and then your new face furniture seems to take forever to emerge, or worse still nothing happens? According to Luke Todd in Fashionbeans this month, basically it’s tough luck. You’re dealt a genetic hand and you just have to put up with it.

Facially follicly challenged?

Whilst there’s no doubting that Luke is right that it’s all in the genes he does make reference at the end of his blog to the increasing popularity of beard transplants. It may sound like a bit of an extreme approach to being facially follicly challenged but actually many surgeons are reporting significant increases in the numbers of men opting for the procedure.

One New York surgeon claims he might have done four or five a year a decade ago, whereas now he’s carrying out a similar number every week.

£10,000! But life changing results

The latest UK celebrity to undergo the procedure is Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie who went public about the transplant, explaining that it helped him tackle “self esteem and confidence isssues”. At £10,000 the operation wasn’t cheap but that has to be put into the context of the potentially life changing results.

The procedure is approximately the same as the more traditional hair transplant. Instead of migrating healthy follicles to the bald area of the head though they’re implanted in the face. It has a high success rate, with surprisingly little recovery time. Some patients are even able to begin shaving within a couple of weeks.

So, if your pockets are deep enough you don’t need to despair about a lack of facial hair. Speak to a specialist hair loss clinic about what they can do for you.


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