D’Marge tells us how to grow a beard

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How to grow a beard

How to grow a beardThe beard trend is still in full flow and shows no signs of abating so hats off to Brad Nash of D’Marge who’s written a comprehensive guide to growing and grooming a beard that a lumberjack would be proud of.

Spend time planning your beard

His article is full of useful tips. For example, he recommends spending a bit of time up front figuring out what will work with your shaped face and how and possibly who you want to look like when the beard has grown otherwise it will just end up as a scraggly untamed mess. He also talks about the importance of clean living and healthy lifestyle if you want a good looking full beard whilst also recommending the best products to keep everything looking soft and shiny from beard balms to moustache wax.

No longer powerless to influence beard growth

Where Brad makes a misstep is in his advice to recognise that you’re powerless when it comes to encouraging a beard to grow and that you have to accept what you’ve got. That’s actually no longer true as beard transplants are becoming more and more commonplace. One US surgeon recently claimed that, whereas he might be doing 3 or 4 beard transplants a year he now does a similar amount every week.

The procedure is essentially the same as the more familiar hair transplant whereby healthy follicles are removed from a donor area on the scalp and migrated to an area where there is no growth. It is surgery of course and it’s not cheap but the results are usually impressive with high success rates. Most patients can expect to be shaving their beard within a couple of months.

So, if you’ve got a babyface and want to get that lumberjack look all you need to do is track down the nearest hair loss clinic and have a conversation about a beard transplant.


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