Do women really prefer men with beards?

Beard Transplant
beard transplant

beard transplantBeards have steadily grown in popularity over the years and now it seems like they’re everywhere. It all started with the “Movember” tradition, where men grew out their beards throughout the entire month of November to raise awareness male health issues. Now, men are so desperate to achieve the perfect beard, many opt for beard transplants to help them achieve the trend.

The question is, do women really prefer men with beards and is a beard transplant a good option for those struggling to grow one naturally?

Studies reveal women do prefer beards

While there’s certainly some women who still prefer the fresh, shaven look, the majority do tend to lean more towards men with beards. This isn’t just an observation either – many studies carried out over the years have revealed a woman’s preference for beards is scientifically backed up.

One survey carried out by a popular dating site, revealed out of almost 2500 women, more than 60% were drawn to a man’s facial hair. It also revealed women prefer beards over moustaches.

Another study which was published within the Journal of Evolutionary Behaviour, revealed the length of the beard also matters to women. This large study looked at the opinions of 8520 women and it revealed men with light stubble were seen as great for a one-night stand, whereas heavier stubble was more attractive for those looking for a fling. Men with full, thick beards on the other hand, were considered much better for commitment.

These are just two studies which revealed how women view beards and what part they play in the selection of a partner.

What about men who can’t grow beards?

Beards are considered a natural, manly symbol, so what happens if you can’t actually grow one? Well, the good news is there are treatments available that can help.

Most popular is the beard transplant. These have grown significantly in popularity. They may be expensive, but the results are long-lasting, and they also have the added bonus of enabling men to choose what style of beard they want.

Now, beard transplants won’t be suitable for everyone, so it is important for men to talk through their options with a hair specialist. It could be SMP would be a better option if there aren’t enough suitable donor hairs available. So, if you’re struggling to grow a full beard why not book a consultation with a hair specialist today and see whether a beard transplant could be the answer.


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