Facial hair transplants on the rise

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facial hair transplant

facial hair transplantAs hair transplant procedures are becoming increasingly popular around the globe, the niche segment of facial hair transplant has also seen a rise in demand. Facial hair transplant procedures appear to be most popular with men who are aged between twenty to fifty years old for various reasons. Some men have said they wish to sport a neatly groomed facial hair to appear more authoritative and mature, whereas others just want to shed their ‘baby face’ appearance and would like to look older.

Denser facial hair can not only increase confidence levels in men, it can also be groomed so facial features appear more elongated and defined. By framing the face with a beard and sideburns, men can enhance and add more personality to their overall appearance.

How does a facial hair transplant work?

A facial hair transplant usually uses the follicular unit extraction (FUE) process. This is a low risk, minimally invasive procedure in which the results are highly predictable.

The FUE process works by moving healthy hairs from an area which has an abundance of hair to an area which is bald or hair growth is patchy. A local anaesthetic is applied and extracted hairs, which are known as hair grafts, are usually grafted from the back of the patients scalp.

Experts aim to dig around the hair strands so they can free up tissue which will sustain the follicle. Then the grafts are planted onto the areas of the face where micro-slits are made in advance. High-precision tools are used for the entire process and the procedure is expected to last around four to six hours long.

Although the initial hair strands from the procedure will shed within the first month, patients will eventually see an improvement in their hair growth. The full effects of the hair transplant can be seen within one year and the results can last up to twenty years.



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