Hair Care Tips For Hair Loss Sufferers


Taking care of our hair is something we all spend time doing. This is even more true for those of us experiencing hair loss. Here are our hair care tips for hair loss sufferers who want to give their hair its very best chance.

Healthy Hair Routine

We all understand the importance of keeping our hair clean. Most of us have a consistent hair hygiene routine that will involve regular washing. This keeps the hair we have in prime condition and gives it the best chance to be healthy.  But there is a great deal more that can be done.

It is a rare advert break where at least one shampoo vendor is not pitching their product. Invariably, there is a chemical or plant that is lauded for adding bounce, shine, body, and sometimes all three. The bottom line is, pretty much any shampoo will clean your hair. Beyond that, we also need to consider an aspect of hair care which affects most, if not all, of us.

Scalp Care

It is important to remember that our scalp is just skin. The covering of hair means it is typically out of sight, and all too often out of mind. It is skin populated with hair follicles, all in various growth stages. Usually, around 70% will be in the growth stage. That figure will vary slightly, according to the season, with greater growth in the summer.

If we ignore the job of cleaning our scalp regularly, we can run into trouble. If you use a product on your hair like gel or hairspray, it can be washed out at the end of the day. But there can still be a cumulative build-up on the scalp that is harder to remove. In addition, the scalp can see a build-up of the natural oils we all produce. Whether caused by products or your own oils, the result can be itching and flaking. This is not an ideal situation for the hair follicles as, unattended, it can start to cause growth problems. So, once or twice a week you should give your scalp a scrub. There are many, many, products offering to do the trick. Though, you can always just add a teaspoon of coarse salt to your usual shampoo and massage that into your scalp. It will leave no residue and washes out easily.

HIS Hair Clinic

The rate at which men, in particular, have embraced products for their hair has accelerated. We have moved away from a world where men’s grooming products boiled down to a handful of offers. Nowadays, the local chemist will have shelves full of grooming products aimed directly at men. It means the issues of scalp care are more pertinent than ever before. The regular use of straighteners, tight styles like man-buns, colouring, dry shampoo, and more, have all contributed to the issue. With that long list of interesting ways to abuse our own hair and scalp… why wouldn’t you detox with a scrub now and then?

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