Amino Acids For Hair Loss


Among the regularly prescribed natural remedies for hair loss are amino acids. We take a closer look at these building blocks of life.

Amino Acids

These organic compounds are what our body uses to create proteins. There are a total of 21 different amino acids. Some are more important than others, but they combine to provide essential processes. Using amino acids for hair loss is becoming popular and for good reasons.

We are going to focus on three particular acids that are found in our hair. Each plays a vital role.

Cystine –

Vital for providing strength and rigidity between keratin strands.

Lysine –

It is found in meat and dairy products. In the body, lysine is thought to assist to play a pivotal role in how we absorb iron.

Methionine –

One of the amino acids vital for keratin. Methionine is believed to be important in deciding at which point we go grey.

Hair Loss and Amino Acids

So what makes these amino acids unusual, compared to almost any other natural hair loss remedy?  The answer is that two of them have been clinically studied. Because they naturally occur in the human body there is a motivation to understand them. This has led, in turn, to a much deeper understanding of their functions.

Building on that understanding to develop natural hair loss remedies has seen more ambitious research undertaken. Research aimed at turning that deeper understanding into something useful. Something like a hair loss cure.

Cystine, for example, was combined with another amino acid, histidine, copper, and zinc. Taken orally during a 50-week study it was seen to increase hair count significantly. Lysine, this time in combination with iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, and selenium, resulted in a 39% reduction in hair loss after 6 months. This same study also reported increased ferritin in the blood. This happened even for women for whom iron supplements had proved ineffective. Studies have suggested that methionine might be another critical part of the picture. It is certainly involved in the process, and has that reputation for defining when we go grey. To date, no study has shown its benefit as a supplement.

HIS Hair Clinic

Hair is made of keratin. In amino acids, we have the micro-components that make hair possible at all. These tiny biological miracles are fundamental to our existence, never mind our hair. But with our focus on hair, they play a key role in every stage.

Of all the natural remedies available, those based on amino acids might be the solution of choice for many. They combine a natural regime with a scientific basis for their efficacy. A rare thing indeed. You can see a relevant published paper on the role of amino acids in hair loss here.

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