Link between smoking and hair loss proven

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Smoking is said to cause many problems in the body and there have been proven results that it can be one of the instigators for lung cancer and emphysema, cause shortness of breath in the early stages and seriously harm health. When it comes to the health of the body, hair can be a good indicator of how well the body is coping. When it is under stress the hair can often be seen to go limp and dull and in extreme cases of depression and anxiety hair can start to fall out and thin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body but the least important. When the body is suffering so will the skin and hair. The body’s systems will automatically look after the most important organs such as the liver and kidneys when there is a threat to health which means the skin maybe deprived of the essential nutrients it needs for the production of healthy hair. There can be several causes that lead to the hair being ‘malnourished’ including medications, stress, anxiety, hormone imbalance, accident, shock, surgery, pregnancy, illness, outside influences and so the list can go on. Sometimes an individual maybe unaware of a problem until the hair starts to thin.

Smoking can come under this category as it can affect the health of the body and mind. There has been much research in recent years as to the effects smoking can have on our health including passive smoking. In a smoke filled room the hair is exposed to the fumes of the cigarette and it can not only make the hair smell but also leave it looking dull and lifeless. Obviously it will not have the same effect on everyone but the research leaves no doubts as to the effects smoking has on the environment and lives.

Smoke can pollute the air so it stands to reason that it can also pollute the blood as it is inhaled into the lungs and passed around the circulatory system. Eventually it could have an effect on the blood to the scalp which by then could be starved of the nutrients it requires to produce healthy hair. If hair follicles do not get the vitamins and minerals they need they can start to shrink and no longer be able to hold hair roots. The hair has 3 phases to growing and this can be seriously disrupted. Many smokers will dispute these findings as they have a full head of hair and feel physically fit. Everyone reacts differently and the bodies have their own way of coping not only with changes but with illness, shock, surgery etc. The findings of research can only be general and be a warning of what could happen and does happen.

Research has shown that smoking has its greatest impact on the lungs and if these were to stop working efficiently then the way our blood circulates around the body will be hindered. Poor circulation can be the cause of illness and can prevent the essential nutrients getting to parts of the body including the hair.

Smoking not only pollutes the body inside but as mentioned on the outside as well. The skin can start to look tired and old as it is not receiving the nutrients it requires. A well balanced diet with vitamins and minerals will help combat some of the deficiencies smoking can cause but not all. Stopping smoking will not change the condition of the body overnight but with time it will become fitter, hair will look healthier and if it had started to thin, it will start to grow back.

The amount of hair lost due to smoking will depend on the individual and their general health. Many smokers claim that they eat a good diet, exercise, are rarely ill and so there is little effect to their health. Unfortunately, it has been established that eventually signs of smoking will catch up, it is just a case of when. The argument could go on forever as smokers do not like to believe there is any harm, they look and feel healthy, they need it to relax etc.

There is a further article on about the impact of smoking on hair loss, which may be of interest. To view the article please click here.


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