Hairstyles that can cause hair loss

Alopecia, Specific Conditions

Modern hairstyles, particularly those that require the hair to be pulled tightly, can have a devastating effect on the condition of hair.

Image is important it makes a statement as to who we are and for many hair styles and fashion trends have to be followed no matter what. Famous people are role models to many, especially younger people, and following them in their fashion trends is a must.

Many fashion models and celebrities are very slim and follow a strict diet to keep them looking like this. It has been a contention for many years as celeb followers have often practically starved themselves in order to lose weight and look like them. An increase in anorexia and bulimia was an indication that there should be some responsibility taken but by whom? Lack of a good diet will have an effect on all parts of the body.

Without the nutrients the organs need to survive, the body is in serious danger of being unable to sustain life. The hair will be severely affected as the hair follicles will not be receiving the valuable vitamins and minerals they require to grow hair. Hair and skin are often the first sign that there is something amiss and expert advice should be taken. When there are not enough nutrients to ‘go round’, the vital organs will receive what is available first which leaves hair last on the list as it is not essential for life.

Hair can be strong and healthy until it has to cope with the latest hair styles which can severely damage hair follicles. Pulling hair tightly back from the forehead and tied tightly at the back of the head can lead to traction alopecia. The strain of hair being constantly pulled will eventually lead to a receding hair line which will not be able to be reversed if left too long. In between hair being tied back it should be left to hang loose so there is no strain. It should be washed in a good shampoo and conditioner and not combed through whilst wet. Wrapping in a towel to dry should be avoided as this also pulls against the hair follicles.

Braiding is another hair fashion that is detrimental to healthy hair. With the hair being tightly braided against the scalp it is constantly pulling at the hair follicles which can become inflamed, begin to shrink and hair will begin to fall out. Such hair styles should not be left in for long lengths of time, hair needs to have time to relax. Traction alopecia can be devastating for the individual leading to stress and emotional problems. This in itself will not help hair regrowth as stress is a factor in hair loss.

Naturally 50 to 100 strands of hair are lost daily as part of the hair cycle and is nothing to worry about. When large clumps come out during washing or combing professional advice should be sought. The source of the problem needs to be detected, the earlier this is done the more chance there is of reversing the condition. In cases of hair styling the cause is obvious and can be halted.

Looking after health by following a well-balanced diet and exercise is the basis of a good head of hair and when hair still seems to fall there maybe underlying problems. When the hair is not receiving the nutrients it requires hair will be lost and is often a sign that a check-up is needed.

Keeping up with the latest hair styles and trends is possible without having to have hair problems. It is a case of treating the hair and ensuring it gets the right nourishment, vitamins and minerals it needs. Let it have time to ‘hang loose’ and take the strain off your hair follicles.

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