World class scalp micropigmentation treatments available in the UK

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HIS Hair Clinic has grown since we first developed scalp micropigmentation back in 2002. We now have 19 locations in 7 countries from 4 different continents. This rapid growth can be attributed to the excellent services each office provides to its clients all over the world.
The United Kingdom alone has four HIS Hair Clinic facilities in key cities. There is one in Glasgow along Argyle Street, Manchester on Oxford Street, London along the famed Harley Street and the headquarters of the company itself on Hagley Road in Birmingham.
Hair loss is something that a majority of people would have to go through. In fact, more than 50% of men and women will be affected by androgenic alopecia by the time they reach their 50’s. The chance of getting it will only increase as a person advances in age. This accounts for about 90% of all reported cases of hair loss. There have been different kinds of treatments that have been developed to treat the certain types of alopecia. None however have been able to come close to the speed and permanence at which scalp micropigmenation can conceal baldness.
Finding treatment for hair loss can prove to be daunting, especially for those doing it for the first time. Balding is already a sensitive enough topic on its own and discussing it with a total stranger can be a bit awkward. At HIS Hair Clinic we understand how someone in this position may feel. Our staff are compassionate toward the concerns of our guests and will exert all efforts to provide a comfortable atmosphere during their visit. The mood at our clinics is very relaxed and casual though our practitioners will always be professional and discreet with each case that they handle. Arranging for a consultation will start the entire treatment process.
There are three ways that a potential patient may choose to share his hair loss concerns with HIS Hair Clinic. The first is through a face-to-face consultation. This is perhaps the best mode out of all the three because it gives our practitioner a better view of their scalp. The second way is by phone. Sending clear photographs of your hair loss from the front, sides and back precedes this consultation. The last mode is through Skype. A stable Internet connection as well as a webcam is required in order to provide a good view of the interested party’s scalp. The aim of the consultation regardless of the mode that it is conducted in is to provide an assessment of the alopecia and give information about the treatment.
Scalp micropigmentation is not something that everyone knows about. It is important that those interested to use this is fully informed when making his decision. Practitioners are on-hand to provide the general details of what it is and how it can apply to their situation. There no obligation to push through with the treatment and the consultation is free of charge.
The decision to get scalp micropigmentation must be made privately. Anyone interested to receive treatment must carefully consider the details of the discussion. This procedure has permanent effects that can completely camouflage hair loss. It is true that its tone will tend to fade after six years or so but the pigments will still be very noticeable. Clients just need to visit the clinic to have their pigments refreshed. Once the commitment to get scalp micropigmentation is made, the patient can expect to get a world class hair loss solution to conceal their alopecia with.


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