Why choose HIS Hair Clinic in Europe?

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Finding a reputable scalp micropigmentation provider can prove to be challenging with different clinics mushrooming all over the world. Though these establishments might prove to be capable in delivering on their promises, none might be able to compare with the creator of the procedure. HIS Hair Clinic invented scalp micropigmentation in 2002. Since then it has been able to expand its services in different parts of the world. It has nine branches in Europe alone. The United Kingdom has four, followed by Spain with three, completed by one each for France and Sweden.
The HIS Hair Clinic is the pioneer in its field. Its headquarters in Birmingham has the world’s very first Scalp Micropigmentation Training Academy. They are at the cutting edge in the development and technology of the procedure. It is no wonder why its locations all around the world continue to grow. Choosing the original in scalp micropigmentation would certainly provide the most authentic treatment as compared to companies that studied their methods. Those who are interested can begin benefitting from this procedure by scheduling an appointment for consultation. This meeting is free of charge, for the purpose of providing an assessment of their alopecia and informing them about scalp micropigmentation.
Concealing baldness has never before been as safe, fast and reliable. This treatment is applicable not only to androgenic alopecia but upon other types of hair loss as well. It can provide permanent results over a consistent period of time. The pigments will tend to fade after about four to six years, depending on how it is maintained. It will not totally disappear however and these pigments will still be very noticeable upon the scalp. A simple visit to the clinic is all that is required to refresh its colour. Clients can feel confident that the scalp micropigmentation they receive from HIS Hair Clinic will outlast any hair loss solution currently available.
Scalp micropigmentation is essentially a collection of pigments that are fixed in place, creating an illusion of hair that resembles the patient’s hair follicles. It takes into consideration his facial features and skin tone. This would influence the density of the pigments on his scalp as well as its colour, shape and size. Clients are free to select the type of hairline that will form part of their hair pattern. They will discuss this with the technician to determine how suitable it will be for his overall appearance.
Maintaining a scalp micropigmentation treatment is important to prolong its effects. Patients do not have to trouble themselves with tedious routines. All they need to do is to cleanse and moisturize their scalp daily. This is something that can easily be done in the morning before heading out to work. It is not necessary to do anything fancy either. Soap and preferably warm water can wash away any dirt and excess sebum that has accumulated on the scalp’s surface. A light moisturiser is enough to keep the skin from becoming too dry. They must also remember to put on a hat if they plan to be out in the sun for a long time. Using sunblock is highly recommended if they are going to the beach with their head fully exposed.
Choosing HIS Hair Clinic over other establishments is very easy for those residing in Europe. Walking into any of its locations will show why this company is the leading provider of scalp micropigmentation services all over the world. Its practitioners are specifically trained to provide an effective and permanent solution to hair loss. They are also able to conduct their sessions in a casual and relaxed manner. Clients will be able to enjoy the process in a comfortable atmosphere. Many will agree that the HIS Hair clinic is the best choice for scalp micropigmention no matter which location it is in.


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