Why the best scalp micropigmentation reviews usually lead to HIS Hair Clinic

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The headline of this post may be a bold statement, but HIS Hair Clinic really is the best scalp micropigmentation provider in the world, and unlike other companies that make the same claim, we can prove it.

The word ‘best’ is highly subjective, so lets put this post into a quantifiable context. If you’re looking for the best place in the world to have your SMP treatment, the chances are you’re looking for one of the following attributes, or a combination of them all to some extent:

  • A wealth of pre-sales information available
  • Relatively convenient access to the service
  • Competitive pricing
  • The most realistic replication of real hair
  • The best customer service and aftercare

Any company that excels in all these areas, more so than its competitors, can rightfully claim to be the best in our view. Would you agree? Assuming we’re not too far off the mark, lets take these one at a time.

A wealth of pre-sales information available

Making an informed decision is of vital importance. Scalp micropigmentation creates a positive lifestyle change, but it is a change nonetheless, and requires careful consideration. For this reason we do all we can to provide as much information as possible to help you make your decision. Beyond simply trying to sell our service, our mission is to educate and inform. That’s why we operate the worlds largest scalp micropigmentation forum to enable discussion between all our clients, past, present and prospective. We publish more videos than anyone else and offer our visiting clients an almost unlimited portfolio of before and after photographs.

Relatively convenient access to our service

HIS Hair Clinic has a wider clinic network than any other dedicated SMP specialist. Although we cannot open a clinic in every geographic region in the world, most of our clients find they have to travel a shorter average distance than they would if they had treatment at an alternative clinic. Furthermore we employ staff who are fluent in a number of languages including English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Mandarin, Urdu and Punjabi.

Competitive pricing

We cannot promise to always be the cheapest. Proper, thorough training costs a significant amount of money, as does the operation of an effective Client Services team and employment of the best practitioners. We are not expensive however, and our quotations are usually comparable with our competitors. As the market leader it would be easy to increase our prices, however we choose not to as we want to support as many clients as we can, so we aim to keep our service affordable for all.

The most realistic replication of real hair

We train and employ the very best SMP practitioners in the world, without exception. This means we offer better, more consistent results than anyone else. Our density and shade matching is more accurate than any other provider, and our practitioners are capable of producing the most natural looking hairlines in the business.

The best customer service and aftercare

Unlike many of our competitors who employ part time personnel to answer the phone, we employ a full Client Services team. Each member is comprehensively trained and has a deep understanding of SMP. Furthermore their compassion for our clients ensures they always aim to offer the very best level of service before, during and after your treatment.

Want to know more? Why not contact us to arrange a free consultation without obligation? This can be done on a face to face basis or via email, phone or Skype.


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