Scalp micropigmentation for younger guys

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The stereotype of the hair loss sufferer usually depicts a man in his thirties or forties, with a suggestion that they are past their prime. The latter is generally untrue (although this is a topic for another post), however it is the age depiction I’d like to discuss here.

A significant proportion of our clients are in their late teens or early to mid twenties. Their eventual treatment usually follows a significant period of time when they have lost their hair, meaning that many of these guys are losing their hair at a very young age. We’re not talking about a bit of minor recession either. Some of these men are losing most of their hair before they’re even out of college or university.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how scalp micropigmentation can be used to great effect to solve hair loss problems experienced by men who lose their hair early in life. In fact, young men have arguably more options than the rest of us when it comes to SMP, as more daring hairline styles can be suitable as well as the ultra-natural faded types that many of our clients now ask for.

This is Will, a recent client of HIS Hair Clinic. He started to lose his hair at just 17 years of age, and had his scalp micropigmentation treatment at age 23.

Our youngest client was just 15 years old. Suffering from an aggressive form of alopecia areata throughout much of his childhood, a condition that later became full-on alopecia totalis (the total loss of all his scalp hair), Scott came to HIS Hair Clinic with the support and blessing of his mum and dad. He was about to start college and wanted this to represent a new chapter in his life, free from alopecia.

There are absolutely no restrictions on your eligibility for treatment based on your age, assuming that you have parental consent if you are under 18 and that providing treatment is a morally legitimate thing to do. Of course if there are clear reasons why treatment should not be provided then we will refuse to do so, however most young men will have no problems at all as long as their request is in their best interest and they have any necessary permission.


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