Why SMP is NOT an expensive tattoo

SMP Information

Although we have been perfecting Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for over 13 years, the concept of this treatment is new to many hair loss sufferers. Initially when people hear about SMP they compare it to a traditional tattoo because of the similarities of applying ink to skin; but there are many differences that create this natural, undetectable and sought after look. Let’s take a look at some of these differences:

  • Tattoos use a completely different needle. Our goal is to match your hair follicle and tattoo needles are simply too big to do this. For this reason we use a special Micro needle that simulates the appearance of hair rather than look like a painted on blotch of ink.
  • Our Pigment is Natural. Unlike a tattoo, the pigment we use does not have chemicals in it that are harmful to you. Our pigment is plant based and designed to be long lasting but completely safe. This is also why you do not have to worry about your treatment turning blue or changing colors.
  • We do not go as deep in the skin. Your standard tattoo goes about 5 layers into your skin, leaving pigments susceptible to lose the round dot shape and spread to a larger blob, contributing to an unnatural look. We, on the other hand, only go 2 layers deep, giving us the ability to contain the pigment shape while still making it permanent.

Many people who have went the route of getting a regular tattoo instead of our treatment are very disappointed in the results and need to go through laser removal before coming to us. Don’t take our word for it. Watch this video and see how tattooing your head is just not the same as getting an SMP procedure.

Although we are not an invasive procedure, we are nonetheless a sophisticated one. All our practitioners are well trained and the technic is not as simply as it appears. We specialize in not only the actual application of SMP but also in deciding proper pigment shades and overall image enhancement to each individual client.


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