Turning your treatment visit into a trip: New York City edition

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Treatment day for most of our clients are filled with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and often times travel. Our New York City clinic sees clients that come from Puerto Rico to Boston and everywhere in between. Some come for the day while others stay the weekend. Many of our first time visitors to the BIG APPLE want to know the ‘”must dos” near our clinic, so here are they are:

Visit The Square: Union Square, Herald Square, and Time Square

There is always a bit of nervousness when coming in for your first session or even a consultation. Thinking about your new change can be a bit anxious but rest assure you are in for an amazing transformation that will leave you happier, more confident, and ready to throw away any hat you have ever wore. Some of our clients enjoy visiting Union Square before treatment just to take in a piece of the city before heading to their sessions. Only a block from the clinic, you do not need to travel a long way to appreciate the diversity of New York. Grab a seat on Union Square’s park bench or right on the long stairs that surround the edge of the park and you never know what you will see. From street performers to protests to our year round green market, Union Square is always an adventure and all you have to do is grab a seat and watch the show.

As for Herald Square and Time square, they aren’t as close to our clinic but what sights to see. Theaters, People, Lights –everything you’ve seen on TV brought to you in person. Although quite tourist, if you have never visited NYC before, we would highly recommend feeling the energy of the city in these locations.

Grab A Pizza

Making sure you eat before your treatment session is important. It will help with the pain some of our clients tend to face and avoid any unwanted dizziness during treatment. When you come in to our clinics, one of the first things we always ask is “have you had something to eat”. Believe us we don’t want you fainting during a treatment session, especially if you brought your wife with you. It is just not a good look… for either of us. One popular request is NYC pizza. Although there literally is a pizza shop of every corner in NYC, a client favorite is Artichoke Pizza. Located on 17th street and 10th avenue this short walk is completely worth it. If you are a morning client and Pizza isn’t your idea of breakfast, there are also an abundance of breakfast food carts and deli’s, but we still suggest treating yourself to a slice after your session. You deserve it!

Shop a Little or a Lot

Although this may be more of an activity for the people who accompany you while you are in treatment, we are centrally located on one of the most famous strips for shopping, Fifth Avenue. From Nike to high-end name brand stores, fifth avenue has it all including our clinic. Buy a new blazer to match your new modern SMP look or maybe just stick to a t-shirt and some sneakers. Warning: it is a never-ending strip of stores so be prepared.

Want more information on our NYC clinic visit the clinic page, or book your consultation or treatment with us today!


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