Why it’s worth shaving it off

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shaveAre you struggling to cover your ever-increasing bald patch? Shaving it off could be the answer! More men than ever before are choosing to embrace their baldness and they’re encouraging others to do exactly the same thing.

A no-fuss, uplifting decision

If you talk to the men who have chosen to shave their balding hair, they’ll often tell you they were tired of having to cover up the issue. Trying to cover up bald spots isn’t just difficult, it can be extremely frustrating. So, the decision to just shave it off can prove to be really freeing.

Take Prince William as an example. The Royal is no stranger to the spotlight, but in recent years there’s been a lot of focus placed upon his ever-balding head. There was hardly a week that went by without the Prince’s hair hitting the headlines. Now it seems all of that attention may have got to William, as he’s recently chosen to sport a new buzzcut.

However, what if you’re not ready to embrace your baldness? Well, there are some pretty good treatment options out there. It’s also worth keeping in mind that when you do shave, you could develop a shiny head. However, there’s an almost maintenance-free cover-up solution for that too – SMP.

The benefit of SMP

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a very popular hair loss cover-up treatment. It’s a very specialist procedure, tattooing small ink pigments into the scalp to create a shaved look. This proves particularly useful at covering up a shiny head that you’re often left with after shaving.

It’s worth keeping in mind that although it is a tattoo-based procedure, SMP needs to be carried out by a professional and not your standard tattoo artist! It can produce excellent, realistic results, but if performed incorrectly it can also look pretty horrendous. So, always make sure you’re choosing a qualified hair specialist to carry out the procedure.   To find out more about SMP and other treatments you can call us on +44(0)845 604 4618 to speak to one of our team of friendly experts in confidence and free of charge.


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