Why Does SMP Go Wrong?

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Why does SMP go wrong?

Why does SMP go wrong?SMP has become a popular hair loss solution. However, while it can be really effective, in order to achieve the best results, it needs to be carried out by a very skilled practitioner. It involves a very specialist technique and unfortunately not all clinics out there are qualified to produce natural, great looking results.

The dangers of choosing a bad clinic

There is only one reason why SMP can go wrong and that’s because the practitioner wasn’t skilled enough to carry out the procedure. A good clinic will always produce great results. You only have to Google SMP before and after pictures to see just how awesome the treatment can be. However, in the wrong hands, there’s the potential you’ll end up with unnatural, disastrous looking results.

There are three main factors which can affect the results of SMP, including:

  • The pigments used
  • Number of sessions
  • Practitioner

The pigments used by the clinic are extremely important. If pigments containing metal oxides are used, when the SMP finally fades, it may cause discolouration. It can also prove problematic if you need to have the SMP corrected. Laser treatment to remove the pigments can cause skin damage if metal oxides are present.

The number of sessions you have will also play a factor. It is incredibly rare to achieve great results in just one session so be aware of any clinic which claims you’ll need just one procedure.

Finally, the practitioner is going to have the biggest impact on your results. They need to have significant experience in order to best identify the pigment colour required and provide flawless looking results.

How to identify a good clinic

With so many SMP clinics out there, it’s really difficult to determine which ones are reliable. The bad clinics often have a fantastic sales team who are great at convincing you that they’re fully qualified. So, how do you distinguish the good from the bad?

It’s all about research! These days you can look up a clinic online and see what kind of reputation it has developed. Consumers often leave reviews of their experience; particularly if it’s bad! So, look out for a clinic that has an excellent reputation and always book a consultation before agreeing to have the procedure carried out.

Overall, the only reason SMP goes wrong is when it is carried out by an inexperienced practitioner. If you do your research and ensure you are using the services of a good clinic, the results should be natural and trendy.


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