Is Shine An Issue With SMP?

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It is a regular discussion point on the forums, and because of that a common question at consultation. We take a closer look at the issue of scalp shine for Scalp MicroPigmentation clients.



New Year, Old Problem


Happy new year to everyone from the team here at HIS. We didn’t want the first post of 2017 to be a negative one so let us set our stall out straight away. Shine is, in our expert opinion, an issue of perception. It is understandable that our clients arrive with every concern imaginable, the reading they will have done prior to their first consultation follows a pattern, or at least the things that stick in the mind do. Spend any length of time on our forum, reading through the vast library of personal experiences, and you will be inspired that SMP is a winning solution for many hair loss sufferers… and of course that HIS Hair are the only sensible choice of provider. There is no doubt that many of the would-be clients that come along for consultation have only made it that far because of those testimonials and the confidence they inspire. Nevertheless, in among those positive reviews are all the questions that concern… mostly around “but will it work for me?”. These questions are usually based on a perception that the case in point is somehow exceptional – “I have an odd-shaped head;” “I have scarring;” I have very light/dark/red hair”. Other questions revolve around the long-term efficacy of SMP and the cost of maintenance… for which there are solid and proveable responses. The final set of questions relate to care of the treatment…. shaving and moisturising tips along with advice on sun protection. In among those questions comes the “issue” of shine.

Celebrity Shine


As Scalp Micropigmentation has become a widely trusted treatment the regular appearance of celebrity wearers is something we have become used to. The attraction is obvious, for people in the public eye who do not want to take on the regimentation and restrictions of a hair system, SMP gives them their hairline back with a fuss-free, low-maintenance solution that lasts. The picture above, of Adele’s bodyguard, is one of our all-time favourites – he was briefly plastered all over the UK press as a sex symbol with pictures of him pre and post SMP next to each other… and nobody said a thing. Apart from on our forum of course.

Over the last few months we have seen the first English Premier League footballers appearing with SMP, as always prompting much debate on the forums by eagle eyed SMP spotters… we should add that they are spotted because they are in the public eye, making it easy to compare current pictures with older ones – there is nothing like the sudden disappearance of a receding hairline to get our forum buzzing. We should also add that not one of these players has been highlighted by the notoriously brutal British tabloid press as having had any work done.

Happy New Year Younes


So, sat watching the first game of the new year, between Watford and Spurs, our eye was drawn to Younes Kabul. Large central defender formerly of Spurs and now plying his trade with Watford. Kicking off in terrible weather, pouring with rain, and under floodlights, Younes’s scalp was very definitely shiny as the teams came out. This will have the forum rattling we thought… but then we noticed he was not the only player sporting a shaved head on the pitch and guess what!? Their heads were shining too, and there is the rub. The fact is that while some great tips are shared on the forum for reducing scalp shine it is simply a fact of life for anyone with a shaved head. In no way does it make an SMP appear different to the buzz-cut it mimics so perfectly.

HIS Hair Clinic


The sheer number of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments in the public eye, and total absence of a single newspaper article targeting the wearer tells us that SMP has rightly earned its place among the bona fide solutions for hair loss. Take some time, if you haven’t already, to read some of the testimonials on our forum.

To discuss your situation with one of our friendly team of experts in a confidential and free consultation simply complete the form at the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic… make 2017 the year you decided to do something about it.


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