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All scalp micropigmentation providers are NOT created equal. Before you make a life-changing decision, there are a few things you need to know.

This article was prompted by a recent post on SMP Debate. The article was titled “The worst scalp micropigmentation results I have ever seen”, and it highlighted the work of an SMP clinic based in India. We won’t republish their before and after photographs here, but needless to say the treatments shown were extremely sub-par.

Best SMP provider

Unfortunately although the author of that post may have been shocked, we were not. HIS Hair Clinic was established in 2002, at least 5 years before any other SMP clinic existed, and we’ve seen our fair share of bad results delivered by inexperienced practitioners. A large number of clinics recognised the commercial opportunity granted by SMP, and tried to cash in. The reality is that a significant commitment to development of the initial process, ongoing training and quality control is required, a fact that many of these clinic were either unaware of, or chose to ignore. Many such clinics are now out of business, although some still offer their services to the general public.

Such has been the demand for remedial services to rectify poor quality treatments, we made a strategic decision to acquire a company in London formerly known as Laser Clear. The company was reformed as the Laser Removal Clinic. Although LRC operates as an independent hair and tattoo removal clinic, one of its key purposes is to serve the needs of HIS Hair Clinic clients who received poor treatments from clinics elsewhere. This decision was made to better serve our clients, but a service like this really shouldn’t be required. Unfortunately some other clinics do not see it that way, and for as long as they are legally able to operate, the number of people adversely affected by their actions will continue to rise.

How is HIS Hair Clinic different?

Scalp micropigmentation was created, developed and further innovated by HIS Hair Clinic in 2002. By the time the first competitor emerged, we already had a fully developed and perfected process and had opened our second location on Harley Street in London, in addition to our main treatment centre in Birmingham. Unquestionably we offer clients more experience, the most highly trained practitioners and the most genuine and transparent guarantee in the business.

To put it simply – if you want the very best treatment with the best provider, backed by the very best knowledge, compassion and aftercare in the world, you can only get this at HIS Hair Clinic.

How can we prove it?

We encourage all clients to find out more about us, our history and our results.

HIS Hair Clinic is the ONLY major provider that offers its clients unfettered access to other past, current and prospective clients through an open online forum. Not only are we the only provider in the world to do this, but over time our forum has grown to become the largest SMP forum in existence with more than 60,000 posts, and close to 100,000 members.

We also publish more client videos than anyone else. See our YouTube channel for the ultimate video resource for those interested in the possibilities offered by SMP.

Finally, although we may not be the only provider to offer a treatment guarantee, we are the only provider that has a proven and publically documented track record of honouring and delivering upon that guarantee. A guarantee is a convenient marketing tool, but delivering that guarantee in the real world is a different matter altogether. Do you trust your provider to honour its terms if there is a problem with your treatment? Actions speak louder than words. Time and time again in our forum, real clients tell real stories that demonstrate HIS Hair Clinic really does deliver what it promises.


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