Our Toronto scalp micropigmentation clinic opens late September 2014

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An update on our newest clinic in Toronto, Ontario

Since our first announcement earlier this year, we are pleased to now announce that our new clinic in Toronto is due to open in late September 2014, and is already proving extremely popular with our clients in Canada.

Until our new Canadian location opens its doors, the most convenient HIS clinics for the majority of Canadian clients are based in New York City and in Chicago. We recognise that this is less than ideal, hence why we decided to open a clinic in the city of Toronto as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

20 Toronto Street

This improved access to our service has had a profound effect on the number of Canadian clients making enquiries. Our scalp micropigmentation treatment has always been popular in Canada, but due to the reduction in travel time and cost, not to mention accommodation costs, we now look forward to welcoming more clients from Canada than ever before.

Our Toronto location is at the following address:

HIS Hair Toronto
20 Toronto Street
Suite 870, Floor 8
M5C 2B8

To arrange a free consultation or to make a booking, please use the form on our contact page. Alternatively please call our clinic on 1-855-681-6019.

We are shortly filming a series of videos to showcase results at our new Toronto location. In the meantime, this is the story of a client called Steve who visited our clinic in Los Angeles for his treatment:


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