Why choose HIS Hair Clinic in Miami?

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The United States has many places that display its affluence and wealth. This can be seen in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Midtown in Manhattan. One of the cities that can be considered to fall under this same description is Miami. This beautiful metropolis is home to many leaders in the world of finance, media and entertainment. Its diverse culture, warm climate and beautiful beaches make this place exude a vibrant energy. Driven by its booming economy and high purchasing power, its residents are able to enjoy the very best of what America has to offer.
It comes as no surprise that HIS Hair Clinic has also set up a branch in this city. Located at Suite 812 on the 8th floor of the New World Tower, residents only have to travel to 100 North Biscayne Boulevard to visit one of the world leaders in scalp micropigmentation treatments. This establishment has been operational since March of 2013 and has continued to service its patients with the highest standards befitting the city of Miami. HIS Hair Clinic’s experience as a pioneer in the field of scalp micropigmentation guarantees that its clients will receive only the very best service for their hair loss.
Alopecia is something that can make anyone self-conscious about his image. It alters his appearance beyond what he can control. This slow process causes him to feel like a helpless spectator to his own balding scalp. Hair loss solutions can promise to reverse its progression though to a limited extent. Some might require continuous treatment, turning out to be quite expensive and time consuming. Others might be able to provide positive results for a short while only to leave lasting side effects. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation is available for those who would like to conceal their baldness permanently without having to worry about any adverse reactions.
Developed in 2002, this innovative way to treat hair loss blankets the entire area of the scalp with well-placed pigments. They work to create an illusion of hair that looks very similar to the bearer’s actual hair follicles. Practitioners use special inks to create a hair pattern pre-selected by the client during consultation. This is layered by shallowly injecting the pigments into the skin with the use of needles specifically for scalp micropigmentation. Some patients admit to feeling some discomfort in the initial moments of the session though it quickly goes away within a few minutes. The result will make any observer believe that what he is seeing is the patient’s real hair instead of scalp micropigmentation.
This is where the beauty of the procedure lies. The concept of scalp micropigmentation is something that a lot of people are not quite aware of. No one really expects to see pigments on a client’s head instead of actual hair follicles. Even if the observer is already aware of this procedure, an expertly made scalp micropigmentation treatment will still remain undetectable. Practitioners make sure that each one they complete passes only the most stringent standards that HIS Hair Clinic is known for.
Consultation is the first step toward achieving a permanent hair loss solution through scalp micropigmentation. The Miami clinic is always busy with clientele coming in and getting treated. Those who are interested may schedule a visit by speaking with its friendly staff by phone. They would be happy to arrange for an appointment with an available practitioner at a date that is most convenient for the prospective client. Discussing the procedure is the main goal of this meeting. Visitors are encouraged to ask what they feel is necessary so that they can be fully informed about scalp micropigmentation and how they can benefit from it.


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