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Texas is the next largest state in the United States after Alaska. Its three most progressive cities are Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. Among these mentioned, it is the latter that is the most populous. Also regarded as Space City, Houston is home to NASA’s Mission Control Center as well as other sectors in aeronautics, energy and transportation. Its economy is very solid and diverse, evidenced by the many Fortune 500 companies that have its headquarters here. This has encouraged other businesses to follow suit and participate in this growing metropolis.
Located at Suite 240, 2nd floor on 
1455 West Loop South in
 Houston, HIS Hair Clinic has been steadily receiving new clients since it has opened. Those who have had their alopecia treated here can honestly say that their hair loss woes are now a thing of the past. They no longer need to worry about how their scalp might appear on any given day. Patients are secured in the fact that the scalp micropigmentation they received will remain in place each and every time. It is something they know they could count on to shield them from the effects of baldness.
Androgenic alopecia is something that scientists have yet to find a total cure for. Many solutions in the form of products and services have been developed to treat this specific kind of hair loss. Some have been successful to a certain degree while others still had much to be desired. Those that were able to provide positive results either did not last too long or had some side effects that accompanied its use. This can be attributed to the difficulty in combating this type of hair loss that is but a natural occurrence in the body.
Scalp micropigmentation can provide an effective and permanent solution for hair loss without interfering with any biological functions. It allows the alopecia to progress accordingly, doing nothing to hinder its onset. What it does is to treat its effects, not its cause. The scalp can lose hair naturally without it being noticeable. This is because of the pigments already in place over the entire scalp. It makes the procedure one the safest ways to combat alopecia. This has no side effects and does not require constant application once the entire treatment is completed. Though this would eventually fade after four to six years, the pigments will still be appreciable. Clients are advised to cleanse their scalp and apply moisturizer daily to prolong its effects.
A well applied scalp micropigmentation treatment can provide an accurate representation of a patient’s actual hair follicles by mimicking how they would appear. Careful consideration is given to his facial features and skin tone when creating the hair pattern design. The size, shape, color and density formation of the pigments is influenced by these traits. Practitioners are very meticulous in their approach toward completing a scalp micropigmentation treatment. They constantly refine their work, making sure that it does not have any distinguishing marks that would give away the existence of the procedure.
Providing camouflage for hair loss is essentially what scalp micropigmentation is. It is an illusion of hair that can easily mistaken for the client’s actual hair follicles. Not even his closest family members should be able to detect the difference between the pigments and the real thing. Those who are looking for the best scalp micropigmentation clinic should look no further. HIS Hair not only has a proven track record for effective hair loss treatment, they are also the pioneers in the process. Any prospective client who is interested to know more only has to request for an appointment to meet with one of its practitioners.


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