What to expect during your first session

SMP Information

You’ve had your consultation and had one of our consultants build you a personally tailored treatment plan and you’re now set for your first session with HIS for SMP.

But before we discuss what happens at a first session, lets briefly touch on the process of booking your appointments.

Once you have your treatment plan, you’re now able to book accordingly. The first step when booking is contact the right admin team. For any and all appointments in the United States, you’ll want to email USA@hishairclinic.co.uk or call 1-855-447-4247; for the UK, Europe, Asia and Dubai, you’ll want to reach out to our admin team at info@hishairclinic.co.uk or call our team in the UK at +44 0 845 604 4618.

Booking any appointments with HIS Hair will require that you first pay a $400 booking deposit. This is not an additional charge, but will be deducted from your final payment. But more on that in a minute. To begin, we encourage all clients (whether it’s your first session or final session) to have something to eat before the session. We find that clients are more comfortable during their session on a full stomach.

We recommend clients arrive a little early for all their appointments, but it’s especially important to show up early on your first because of the paperwork. When you arrive for your first session, you will be greeted by one of our staff members and ushered to our client waiting area. Coffee, tea, or bottled water will be on hand and available to you at no additional charge. For paperwork, you will need to fill out a standard medical questionnaire, a consultation form (for the personal details) if you were an email quote, and finally the terms and conditions for the procedure.

The next step before we put pigment to scalp is payment. At HIS Hair, we require that a minimum of 50% of the total treatment cost be paid at the first session. The remaining balance can be paid over the remaining sessions. It’s at this remaining balance that the booking deposit will be applied.

Let’s breakdown the math real quick: Say you’ve been quoted $4000 for 3 sessions. First thing that you would need to do to book your appointments would be to pay your for $400 booking deposit, as mentioned. At your first session, the minimum amount required be $2000. The remaining balance would then be $2000. If you would like to pay the balance off in full at your second session, the amount due would be $2000 – $400 deposit, so $1600. But lets say you want to split the $2000 balance on your last two sessions, then your second session payment will be $1000 and your third session will be $1000 – $400 deposit, so $600. Make sense?

For payment options HIS Hair accepts cash, debit and credit, Visa and MasterCard only; no Discover or American Express. Please note, that the use of a credit card will result in a 3% surcharge for the transaction – there is NO fee for the use of debit card. At HIS, we do not accept personal checks, however, will accept a cashier’s check or money order, but if you’re paying in the US please call ahead to get the total balance with the correct tax percentage, as sales tax varies from city to city in the US.

Okay, now that all the paperwork is filled out and signed, payment has been made, and you’re well hydrated, the next step is buzzing down the existing hair. Using a Remington R90 electric razor, our practitioner will cut the hair the appropriate length for your session. Long(er) hair tends to get in the way of the micro-needle used during the SMP procedure, so clipping the hair allows direct access to the scalp and allows a better line of sight for our practitioners.

When it comes to apply the SMP, we at HIS Hair want to be as accurate as possible with the application. The hair is now cut and it’s on to the style consultation with your practitioner. During this time, you’ll have the chance to go over what style of hairline you want from your SMP. This is a very important part of the SMP procedure and we encourage clients to be very vocal with what type of style they want. While certain hairlines can be altered throughout the procedure, it’s best to have a concrete idea of what style you want coming in. Your practitioner will be able to draw different hairlines on along the scalp using a white pencil, so you can see how different styles will look on you before fully committing to a specific style. Also, during this time, your practitioner will do a color assessment to determine what shade of pigment will match best with your existing hair and skin tone.

This creative part of the SMP procedure typically lasts between 15-30 minutes. Once the hairline is set, the real fun begins. Using a handheld SMP applicator and three tipped micro-needle, your practitioner will be to apply the pigment for your SMP treatment. The first session is the important first step where your practitioner will lay down the foundation on which the rest of your SMP treatment will be built on. For your first session, the pigment shade will be a little light and the first wave of the pigment applied with will sparse. At HIS we do this for two main reasons:

1. We go slightly lighter because we can always go darker and build up the density on the following sessions; as this is a permanent procedure, we can’t “turn down” the SMP if we go too dark or too dense on the first session in the second.

2. By going light and sparse first, your practitioner is able to track the progress of the treatment from the first to second. Upon arriving at the second session (which we’ll cover in more detail in the follow up article), your practitioner will be able to see how your skin is taking to and retaining the pigment.

Your first session, on average, will take approximately 3-4 hours. Once completed, your practitioner will make sure you receive a mid-treatment aftercare information sheet, which will guide you on how to take care of your treatment for the next session. Speaking of next sessions, keep an eye out on our blog for the next article in which we’ll go into detail what to expect for your second session.


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