Adding fake scars to your scalp micropigmentation treatment

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Believe it or not, the addition of replicated scars (or leaving existing ‘real’ scars in place) is a common request from our clients

A scalp scar is caused by a head trauma as a result of injury, surgery or other medical condition. Virtually every man in existence has a scar on their scalp somewhere. The prominent position of your head simply means that as you go through life, you’re bound to pick up bumps and cuts along the way, its almost inevitable.

Visually, the scarred area simply appears as a region where no hair grows, as scar tissue cannot support the growth of hair in the same way that healthy skin can. The appearance of scars is so commonplace, it is a perfectly acceptable and natural look. This, combined with the masculine appearance that scars tend to bring, has resulted in many men asking for scars to be recreated during their scalp micropigmentation treatments, or for us to leave their existing scars in place.

This trend may seem counter-intuitive to many, especially to those using SMP specifically to camouflage scars caused by hair transplant or scalp reduction surgery. Indeed scalp micropigmentation is highly effective at camouflaging these scars, but some actually choose to create new ‘scars’ with SMP. For more discussion, please see this forum thread.

The example above is showcased on our Instagram page, and demonstrates how a scar can be ‘manufactured’

This scar is real. The client asked us to leave it visible.

This scar is also real

This one is fake, manufactuted by HIS

This one is also fake

This scar is real

This is another fake scar we created at the clients request


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