Turning your Treatment Visit into a Trip: Miami Edition

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A couple weeks ago, we wrote a blog about things to do if you are visiting our New York clinic. We decided to continue the trend and take you on a tour of the spicy area where our Miami Clinic lies. So here it is:

Go to the beach, bar or both

Sunny Florida wouldn’t be a trip worth taking without stopping by the famous South Beach. A short 10-minute drive from the clinic and you are on one of the liveliest strips full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and of course the beautiful South Miami Beach. If you are looking for some fun in the sun remember to always use sunscreen especially on your head. We don’t want to have to cancel your appointment due to sunburn. Also remember you will have to follow aftercare upon finishing your session that includes not washing, wetting, or moisturizing your head, and staying away from things that cause you to sweat. In all, the aftercare consist for not doing anything with your scalp for 4 days after your treatment session so it best to do the beach before treatment. Good news is that the bars and restaurants are good for anytime.

For a complete list of post-treatment requirements see our aftercare guidelines.


Visit The American Airlines Theater

We are walking distance from the Arena, which is home to some of the most popular events in Miami. Come see our NBA champion team, catch a concert, or any of the other activities being hosted in this waterfront venue. It is always full of action and people! Another bright side is if you are still experiencing redness on the scalp after your session, all you have to do is throw on a “Heat” hat and you will fit right in. Yes, hats are fine to wear even immediately after treatment.


Get your Art On

Wynwood is home to works of some of the most unique artists that create wall length pieces spread across the grounds of Wynwood Walls. They take street art to a new level, displaying a number of artists on a rotating basis. Take a walk around these massive murals and enjoy food and drinks at the adjacent kitchen and bar open from morning to night. Only a short 8-minute drive from our clinic and you are sitting in Miami’s creative gold mine. We are hoping during your experience you are inspired to pick a hairline design, but if not, we can help to.


If you are having trouble deciding which look is for you, scroll through our gallery page or our videos and check out all the different types of hairline designs our clients have chosen.


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