How undetectable is SMP?

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Scalp from above

Perhaps the most important question our clients ask is “how hard is it to figure out something has been done to cover my hair loss?”. The real concerns behind this question are “will it look realistic enough to pass as real hair?”, and “am I going to be a laughing stock when I return to my friends, family and colleagues?”.

It’s the biggest fear faced by our customers – are people going to notice and laugh at the choice they’ve made? Will they look ridiculous and have to have it removed? Will they regret their decision?

Scalp from above

It is important to recognise a number of truths about scalp micropigmentation, and the service offered by HIS Hair Clinic:

  • HIS Hair Clinic is the original innovator of SMP, launching the first service in 2002. The first competitor did not arrive until five years later in 2007. By the time other clinics entered the market and started experimenting on customers, we already had the only fully developed, consistently repeatable process available anywhere in the world.
  • Not everyone can be a HIS practitioner. The discipline requires months of intensive training and significant travel away from family and friends. Our practitioners make a commitment to their craft and are widely recognised as the best in the world at what they do.
  • Scalp micropigmentation is not a ‘cure’ for hair loss, nor is it perfect. It is a highly effective two dimensional representation of real shaven hair follicles, and requires a reasonable canvas (the scalp), and also requires the client to follow our mid-treatment and aftercare guidelines.
  • The treatment has limitations. The style chosen must be a suitable ‘fit’ with your facial features, suitable for a man of your ethnicity and must also be age-appropriate. Young black men can request a more youthful sharp hairline in comparison to caucasian men in their fifties. Also consider that a scalp with multiple scars, a serious skin condition or blemish makes more challenging work for your practitioner.
  • We are our own worst critics. As individuals we analyse our appearance in enormous detail, far more so than any friend, family member or colleague would. Plus you’re LOOKING for something specific, whereas other people are not.

So what can be realistically achieved?

If you want the most realistic SMP treatment possible, there is no better place than HIS Hair Clinic. As the global leaders in SMP our practitioners are better trained, more experienced and offer a more rounded and comprehensive service than any other clinic.

SMP is an incredibly effective illusion of hair, and as long as you maintain your look appropriately, it is highly unlikely that you or anyone else will be able to distinguish your real hair from your replicated hair. Provided you recognise that SMP is not real hair but an illusion of hair, and therefore you do not attempt to grow your real hair in a way that would compromise your appearance, no-one needs to know unless you choose to tell them.


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